Islamic Bond Auction Tuesday 26 January 2016:

Islamic Bond Series Maturity Date
SPN-S 13072016 (reopening) 13 July 2016
PBS006 (reopening) 15 September 2020
PBS009 (reopening) 25 January 2018
PBS011 (reopening) 15 August 2023
PBS012 (new issuance) 15 November 2031

Source: Indonesian Ministry of Finance

Despite having the world’s largest Muslim population and forming a dynamic emerging economy, Indonesia plays a minor role in the global Islamic banking industry, also known as sharia banking (referring to banking that is in line with Islamic principles). Not only does Indonesia's Islamic finance industry lag far behind Islamic finance industries in other countries that contain a big Islamic community (such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia), but it also lags far behind the country's domestic conventional banking industry.

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