The table below shows the original and revised State Budget of 2013:

  State Budget
State Budget
Economic Growth
annual percent change
        6.8         6.3
annual percent change
        4.9         7.2
Exchange Rate
      9,300       9,600
Interest Rate Treasury Bills
        5.0         5.0
Indonesian Crude Oil Price
       100        108
Oil Lifting
thousand barrels/day
       900        840
Natural Gas Lifting
barrel of oil equivalent/day
      1.360       1.240
Budget Deficit
percentage to GDP
      -1.65       -2.38

A comparison between the original and revised State Budget shows that economic performance has not been as strong as expected when composing the original State Budget. Economic growth has been revised down due to slowing investments, weak exports and non-optimal government spending. Inflation is most likely to jump a couple of percentage points as the House of Representatives (DPR) and government have agreed to a significant hike in the price of subsidized fuel. The IDR rupiah has been one of the worst performing Asian currencies against the US dollar in 2013 due to a series of trade deficits and higher inflation, thus resulting in the new assumption of IDR 9,600. Lack of successful exploration and investment in Indonesia's oil and gas sector have led to a lower forecast of oil and gas output. Lastly, the budget deficit as a percentage of GDP shows a sharp downward revision to -2.38 percent of GDP.