Apart from private sector involvement, the project will also be funded by the country’s state budgets (APBN) for many more years to come.

Projects in Indonesia: Jakarta’s Giant Sea Wall (Great Garuda) Starts Soon

The NCICD Masterplan is important to overcome annual floods in Jakarta brought about by a lack of quality infrastructure and water management. These floods are only becoming worse as the city is sinking at a rate of between 7.5 and 14 centimeters per year due to deep groundwater extraction in combination with pressure from high-rise buildings in Jakarta, thus jeopardizing the well-being of future generations, or, at least necessitating the migration of more than four million people as the northern part of the city will be gradually submerged by the sea if no immediate action is taken (the total population of Jakarta numbers around ten million people).

The Giant Sea Wall serves as a reservoir for Jakarta but will also have many other functions. The Masterplan includes development of residential areas, industrial areas, waste treatment, green areas, roads, an airport, island reclamation (17 artificial islands), and more.

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