Adequate quality and quantity of infrastructure is a requirement to become an advanced nation. Currently Indonesia's infrastructure lags behind hence curtailing connectivity and causing high logistics costs.

What are the 30 priority infrastructure projects of Indonesia (2016-2019)?

Priority Infrastructure Projects 2016-2019
Balikpapan-Samarinda Toll Road National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (Phase A)
Manado-Bitung Toll Road Waste Processing System Jakarta
Serang-Panimban Toll Road Development plan Water Supply System Semarang
Trans Sumatra Toll Road High Voltage Direct Current
Soekarno-Hatta Railway Electricity Transmission Sumatra
North-South Line Jakarta MRT Central-West Java Electricity Transmission
Makassar-Parepare Railway Batang Power Plant
Kuala Tanjung Port Electric Steam Power Plant Indramayu
Bitung Port Electric Steam Power Plant South Sumatra
Karangkates Hydroelectric Power Plant Bontang Oil Refinery
Kesamben Hydroelectric Power Plant Revitalization Refinery Development Masterplan
Lodoyo Hydroelectric Power Plant West Java Port (northern coast)
Inland Waterways Cikarang-Bekasi-Sea Tuban Oil Refinery
LRT South Sumatra Palapa Ring Broadband
LRT Jakarta East Kalimantan Railway