In determining which companies had the best RoA, RoE, and RoIC in 2016 we only focus on companies listed in the LQ45 index. This index, compiled by the research and development division of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), consists of 45 stocks that meet a number of specific criteria.

• being among the top 60 companies with the highest market capitalization over the past 12 months
• being among the top 60 companies with the highest transaction value over the past 12 months
• having been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for at least three months
• having good financial conditions, future prospects and corporate management

In other words, if a company is listed in the LQ45 index then it means its shares are among Indonesia's most traded stocks.

Best Indonesian Companies in the LQ45 Index (2016):

Company  Return on
Asset (RoA)
  Return on
Equity (RoE)
     Return on
Invested Capital
Matahari Department Store     46.17%    136.40%       135.90%
Unilever Indonesia     39.36%    134.09%       108.60%
Surya Citra Media     31.98%     45.67%        39.38%
HM Sampoerna     31.70%     38.56%        35.95%

Source: Investor Daily