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  • What's Behind Matahari Department Store's Falling Shares?

    Indonesia's largest department store chain Matahari Department Store has seen its shares plunge 32.2 percent to IDR 10,775 a share since its recent peak of IDR 15,900 a piece on 22 May 2017. Although its shares rebounded 2.13 percent on Wednesday (23/08) they remain around the lowest level since early 2014. What is behind this decline?

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  • Which Indonesian Stocks Gave Investors the Best Returns in 2016?

    Most listed companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange have now released their corporate earnings reports (covering full-year 2016) and this enables us to determine which companies' shares have been the most lucrative ones last year. Four companies stand out in terms of return on asset (RoA), return on equity (RoE), and return on invested capital (RoIC). These are (1) Matahari Department Store, (2) Unilever Indonesia, (3) Surya Citra Media, and (4) HM Sampoerna.

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  • Retail Business Indonesia to Grow, Matahari Department Store Takes Advantage

    Matahari Department Store is a leading modern retail business in Indonesia offering a wide variety of products such as accessories, home-ware and fashion. In 2016 the company, which has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1989, plans to open between six and eight new stores as part of its expansion plans. This is a more conservative plan compared to 2015 when Matahari Department Store opened 11 new stores. However, the lower amount of new stores may in fact manage to enhance productivity at the existing stores and curtail operational costs.

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  • Dividend Payouts Expected to Support Performance of Stock Exchange

    At least 17 Indonesian companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) have announced to pay out dividends to shareholders for the financial year 2013. The payouts will be conducted between 23 April and 30 June 2014. These dividend payout announcements are expected to have a positive impact on the performance of Indonesia's benchmark stock index (known as the Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG). However, the payout is usually followed by a short period of profit taking as investors sell certain stocks.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index Up 0.59% on IMF's Economic Growth Upgrade

    Although Indonesia's benchmark stock index (Jakarta Composite Index or IHSG) ended the first trading session down, it recovered in the second half of Wednesday's trading day (08/01). Investors were eager to buy stocks that have experienced a significant correction since May 2013. Moreover, as the Indonesia Stock Exchange reduced trading sizes to 100 shares per lot from 500 shares (to increase market liquidity and attract more retail investors), investors were able to benefit from these premium prices.

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  • The Rise of Matahari Department Store in Indonesia's Retail Sector

    Within a timespan of a few years only, Matahari Department Store has shown impressive growth. Its market capitalization increased from IDR 146 billion (US $15 million) in late 2008 to a current IDR 31.95 trillion (US $3.28 billion). The company, which sells fashion apparel, accessories and beauty products, is now the largest company in Indonesia's retail sector, outperforming other giant retailers, such as Alfa Supermarket or Hero Supermarket.

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