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  • Which Indonesian Stocks Gave Investors the Best Returns in 2016?

    Most listed companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange have now released their corporate earnings reports (covering full-year 2016) and this enables us to determine which companies' shares have been the most lucrative ones last year. Four companies stand out in terms of return on asset (RoA), return on equity (RoE), and return on invested capital (RoIC). These are (1) Matahari Department Store, (2) Unilever Indonesia, (3) Surya Citra Media, and (4) HM Sampoerna.

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  • HM Sampoerna, Aneka Tambang & Hanson Enter Indonesia's LQ45 Index

    Three new stocks will enter Indonesia's LQ45 index for the February-July 2016 period. The LQ45 index, compiled by the research and development division of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), consists of 45 stocks that meet a number of specific criteria. As the stocks listed in the LQ45 are the country's most traded stocks, investors should follow this index. The composition of the LQ45 index is adjusted twice per year (in February and August).

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  • Stock Market: What Were Indonesia's Top Picks in 2015?

    Although the Jakarta Composite Index, Indonesia's benchmark stock index, fell 12.13 percent during the year 2015, not all shares of listed companies were in red territory last year. It is interesting to take a look at those shares, particularly the blue-chip stocks, that still managed to rise amid unconducive domestic and global economic conditions. Therefore, we present the top gainers of the LQ45 index. This LQ45 index, created by the research and development division of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, consists of 45 stocks that meet specific criteria.

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  • Investing in Indonesia: a basic Introduction to the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    This column is the first in a series of columns about investing in Indonesia, in particular about investing in its capital markets. These columns are written by David Sutyanto, research analyst at First Asia Capital, and - as this column is the starting point - he will provide a short and broad outline of the Indonesian capital markets for now. Later, his columns will contain topics that delve more deeply into the capital markets, such as listed companies, and much more.

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