New Priok Port, Jakarta

In order to ramp up the quality and quantity of its infrastructure, the Indonesian government has tasked its state-owned company Pelindo II to develop and operate an extension of the current Tanjung Priok harbour in North Jakarta, Indonesia's busiest trading port. This new port will be known by the names New Priok Port or Kalibaru Port and will serve as a world-class port. The construction of this mega-project started in 2012 and completion is expected by 2023.

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Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project in Jakarta is a USD $1.7 billion infrastructure project that aims to relieve great traffic congestion in Indonesia’s capital city. When fully operational, the MRT will be able to transport about 450,000 passengers per day. The MRT consists of two corridors: (1) the North-South corridor and (2) the East-West corridor. Currently, the North- South corridor is being constructed. This corridor will be built in two phases.

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Flyover Roads (Non-Toll), Jakarta

The Flyover Roads project in Jakarta constitutes two additional non-toll roads on an altitude of ten meters above the existing roads that connect Blok M to Antasari in South Jakarta and Tanah Abang in Central Jakarta to Kampung Melayu in East Jakarta. This USD $140.8 million public project aims at reducing the constant and grave traffic congestion in parts of Jakarta by adding over seven kilometers of road to its infrastructure.

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