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  • Motorcycle Sales ASEAN: Vietnam Threatens Indonesia's Position?

    Indonesia has the biggest motorcycle market within the ASEAN region. It is estimated that Indonesia accounts for 70 percent of total motorcycle sales in ASEAN. This implies that the slowdown in Indonesia's motorcycle sales has a big impact on overall sales in the region. Based on data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF), total motorcycle sales in ASEAN in the first ten months of 2016 fell 1.2 percent to 7.91 million from sales in the same period one year earlier.

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  • Indonesia Tops Motorcycle Sales in ASEAN Region in 2013

    The Asean Automotive Federation (AAF) stated that motorcycle sales growth in the ASEAN region was recorded at 5 percent (year on year) in 2013. Motorcycle sales rose from 10.52 million units in 2012 to 11.09 million in 2013. It is interesting to note that motorcycle sales in Indonesia accounted for 70 percent of total motorcycle sales in the ASEAN region last year. Indonesian sales ammounted to 7.7 million units, followed by Thailand (2 million), Philippines (752,835), Malaysia (546,719) and Singapore (11,650).

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  • Indonesia Still the Second Largest Car Sales Market in the ASEAN Region

    Regarding car sales in the ASEAN region, Indonesia still trails behind Thailand according to recent data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF). In the first two months of 2013, Thailand's car sales increased 51.9 percent (YoY) to 255,727 car units, while Indonesia's car sales only increased 22.7 percentage points to 199,974 vehicles. Thailand controls about 43.5 percent of the ASEAN region's sales market. Indonesia comes in on second place with 34.0 percent market share.

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