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  • Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: May 2020 Edition

    Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: May 2020 Edition - In the Eye of the Storm

    On Wednesday (03/06/2020) Indonesia Investments released the May 2020 edition of its monthly report. In this edition, titled 'in the Eye of the Storm', we focus specifically on the social implications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on Indonesian society. Hence, unemployment and poverty are two topics that deserve specific attention.

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  • Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: April 2020 Edition

    Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: April 2020 Edition

    On Tuesday (05/05/2020) Indonesia Investments released the April 2020 edition of its monthly update. In this edition, titled 'Bracing for Impact', we focus on the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis - and subsequent restrictions on social behavior and business - on the Indonesian economy and Indonesian society.

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  • Economy of Indonesia Under Pressure: GDP Growth at 2.97% in Q1-2020

    Economy of Indonesia Under Pressure: GDP Growth at 2.97% in Q1-2020

    Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released its Q1-2020 gross domestic product (GDP) data for Indonesia on Tuesday (5 May 2020). According to the agency, the Indonesian economy expanded by 2.97 percent year-on-year (y/y) in the first quarter of 2020. The result is well below forecasts, and considering the real impact of the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) on the Indonesian economy is to occur in the second quarter, we expect to see a deep red number in Q2-2020 (possibly extending into the following quarter).

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  • Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: November 2019 Edition

    Indonesia Investments' Research Report Released: November 2019 Edition

    On Thursday (05/12) Indonesia Investments released the November 2019 edition of its monthly update. The report aims to inform the reader of the key political, economic and social developments that occurred in Indonesia in the month of November 2019 and also touches upon key international developments that made an impact on the Indonesian economy.

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  • Government: Indonesia's Economic Growth Will Not Reach 7 Percent in 2014

    Various high government officials, including president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Finance minister Agus Martowardojo and National Development Planning minister Armida Alisjahbana stated that Indonesia's economy is estimated to grow between 6.3 and 6.8 percent in 2014. Its main economic pillars of support are thought to be (foreign and domestic) investments, domestic consumption, and government expenditure. Poverty is targeted to be reduced to ten percent of the population.

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  • Indonesia's Top Ten Companies Ranked by Largest Market Capitalization

    Indonesia's Top Ten Companies Ranked by Largest Market Capitalization

    Last week, I provided a basic introduction to investments in Indonesia's capital markets. Now, I will devote my column to the ten largest Indonesian companies by market capitalization. But first let me explain why I take the ten largest companies? Well, simply because these ten companies account for 43.71 percent of Indonesia's total market capitalization. In other words, they reflect almost half of the current condition of the country's capital markets.

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  • Tourism in Indonesia: One of Indonesia's Untapped Potentials? (Part I)

    Tourism in Indonesia Untapped Potential - Richard van der Schaar

    Whenever the topic of tourism in Indonesia is touched upon, most people will instantly think of Bali. This small but famous island harbors all sorts of entertainment that will appeal to various segments of international tourism: beautiful landscapes, Balinese Hinduism, lively nightclubs, beaches and more. But apart from Bali - and despite the fact that Indonesia has much to offer on other islands - the country has disappointed in attracting a large amount of foreign tourists so far.

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  • Indonesia's Trade Ministry Limits the Amount of Outlets with New Franchise Law

    Last February, the Indonesian government, through its Ministry of Trade, issued new rules with regard to Indonesia's franchise sector. This new regulatory framework - formulated in Ministry of Trade Regulation No. 7 Year 2013 on Partnership Development in Franchise Business Services for Food and Beverages (Permendag Nomor 7) - will have an impact on Indonesia's food and beverage services as limitations are set on the amount of outlets.

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  • World Bank: Indonesia Shows Steady Growth but Pressures Are Mounting

    This week, the World Bank published its Indonesia Economic Quarterly (IEQ, edition March 2013) titled 'Pressures Mounting'. It reports on key developments over the past three months in Indonesia’s economy, and places these in a longer-term and global context. To read the whole report, please visit the World Bank's website at or download this edition directly through this link. Below we present the executive summary.

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  • Low Competitiveness Blocks Development of Indonesia's Manufacturing Sector

    Despite the fact that Indonesia reported the world's third-highest GDP growth in 2012 (behind China's 7.4 percent and Saudi Arabia's 7.1 percent), supported by rising consumption by a burgeoning middle class and significant increased foreign direct investment, the country's performance in terms of competitiveness is disappointing. It is cheaper to import products from countries that contain competitive businesses than to produce them in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Gains Amid Global Positive Market Sentiments

    Apparently, market participants were eagerly waiting for positive news regarding stimulus packages that various central banks will apply to boost local economies. Once the news spread, investors hunted for stocks that previously weakened. Moreover, increased manufacturing data from the USA and Europe contributed to positive market sentiments. Lastly, China indicated to maintain its economic pace of 7.5 percent GDP growth this year.

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  • The Indonesia Stock Exchange Gives a Valentine's Gift; a New Record

    Rising Asian stock markets, particularly a strong Hang Seng (Hong Kong) that opened today after the Chinese new year celebrations, had a positive impact on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG). As had happened in previous years, the IHSG has the tendency to gain ahead of Valentine's day. Today, market participants received their special Valentine's gift: a new record-high IHSG level of 4601.95, although in the end it had to close a bit lower.

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  • Indonesian Government Releases Official GDP Growth Figure for the Year 2012

    An official at Indonesia's Finance Ministry announced today that Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.23% in 2012, thus failing to meet the government's revised target of 6.3-6.5%. Factors that contributed to Indonesia's lower than expected economic growth last year were weak exports due to poor international trade and non-optimal government spending. On the positive side, all sectors of the Indonesian economy experienced growth.

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