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  • Unprecedented North Korea Provocation Hits Asian Markets

    Unprecedented North Korea Provocation Hits Asian Markets

    Early this morning (Tuesday 29 August) North Korea fired another ballistic missile test. This time, however, the missile went over the northern part of Japan, an apparent attempt to provoke those who oppose North Korea's test program. The test did not lead to damage or injuries and broke into three pieces before plunging in the Pacific Ocean. While the world is now particularly waiting for a response from the USA, markets have already responded.

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  • Business Environment in Indonesia Needs Political Stability

    Business Environment in Indonesia Needs Political Stability

    The business environment in Indonesia needs political stability as well as a conducive investment climate to grow. However, if there exists a high degree of social unrest then the central government can offer as many incentives as it wants but entrepreneurs will be hesitant to engage in investment and business expansion. Currently, there is quite some unrest in the capital city of Jakarta. Ever since a manipulated video of Jakarta Governor Basuki Cahaya Purnama (Ahok) surfaced in which he allegedly insulted Islam, there has been outrage among Islamic hardliners. This brings economic costs.

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  • Huge Forest Fires on Sumatra Endanger Singapore's Health and Economy

    Forest fires on the Indonesian island Sumatra have brought severe smog over Singapore's skyline for the past five days, reaching record breaking levels of air pollution in Southeast Asia's wealthy city state. The forest fires are believed to be caused by illegal slash and burn practice on Indonesia's forest-rich island of Sumatra (for palm oil expansion) and represent a recurring problem in the dry season. Besides the environmental disaster, the forest fires cause health issues as well as economic losses for Singapore.

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