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  • Beef Import Scandal Might Involve More PKS Members

    The corruption scandal which led to the resignation last week of Luthfi Hasan Ishak, chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) - Indonesia's fourth-largest political party - is likely to make more victims in the party, and will put the Muslim-party in a negative light. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) stated that the corruption scandal might involve more people within the PKS, including the party’s new chairman, Anis Matta and Agriculture minister Suswono.

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  • Continued Emergence of Scandals Undermines Trust in Indonesian Politics

    Today, most Indonesian newspapers opened with negative headlines concerning the country's political arena. In Indonesian politics, scandals - whether connected to corruption or other issues - are frequently reported and seriously undermine people's (both domestic and foreign) confidence in the nation's governance. In today's newspapers, three cases were center of attention and illustrate the problems within Indonesia's political elite.

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  • Emirsyah Satar, Soetikno Soedardjo Named in Rolls Royce Scandal

    After Emirsyah Satar, Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has also named Soetikno Soedardjo a suspect in the same multinational bribery case. On Thursday (19/01) it became breaking headline news in Indonesia when the KPK announced that former Garuda Indonesia Chief Executive (2005-2014) Emirsyah Satar was named suspect of received a bribe in the procurement (by Garuda Indonesia) of aircraft and aircraft engines from Airbus and Rolls-Royce. Satar currently servers as Chairman of Indonesian conglomerate Lippo Group's e-commerce platform

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  • Corruption in Indonesia: Agung Podomoro Land Bribery Case

    Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (abbreviated KPK) is satisfied with the decision of the Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor) to sentence Ariesman Widjaja, former General Director of Agung Podomoro Land, to three years in prison and IDR 200 million (approx. USD $15,300) in fines (or three additional months inmprisonment). Although prosecutors demanded a four year prison sentence and IDR 250 million in fines, the decision of the court is acceptable according to Indonesia's anti-corruption watchdog.

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  • Corruption in Indonesia: Agung Podomoro Land & Pluit City

    One of Indonesia's largest listed property developers - Agung Podomoro Land - saw its shares plunge 10 percent on Monday (04/04) after the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the country's anti-graft agency, named the company's President Director Ariesman Widjaja a suspect in a bribery case that also involves a Jakarta legislator. Allegedly, Muhammad Sanusi, legislator of the Jakarta provincial assembly and member of Prabowo Subianto's Great Indonesia Party (Gerindra), accepted money in exchange for support related to the Pluit City project.

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  • Corruption in Indonesia: Prosecutors Seek 9 Years' Prison for Jero Wacik

    Jero Wacik, Indonesia's former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (2011-2014) and Minister of Culture and Tourism (2004-2011), could face nine years in prison, a fine of IDR 350 million and may have to pay compensation up to IDR 18.8 billion to the government. These are the demands expressed by prosecutor Dody Sukmono at the Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor) on Thursday (21/01). Wacik is being accused of mishandling ministerial funds and extortion by the country’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

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  • Corruption in Indonesia: Suryadharma Ali Found Guilty by Jakarta Corruption Court

    Former Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali (who was also Chairman of the Islamic political party PPP) was sentenced to six years in jail and a fine of IDR 300 million (or three additional months in prison) by the Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor) on Monday (11/01). Suryadharma was found guilty of self-enrichment by deliberately mishandling state funds that were allocated to the hajj pilgrimage program covering the financial years 2010-2013.

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  • Rupiah Exchange Rate Indonesia Update: Why the Currency Gained Today

    Positive macroeconomic data of Indonesia - involving the significantly lower trade deficit in 2014 and easing inflation - had a good impact on the Indonesia rupiah exchange rate on Tuesday (03/02) although prior to closing the currency somewhat slid after Australia's central bank cut its interest rates causing speculation of further policy easing around the Asia Pacific region in a move to support sluggish growth and avert deflation. Most emerging Asian currencies strengthened on Tuesday against the US dollar on stronger risk appetite.

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  • Indonesia Improves Slightly in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2014

    Berlin-based Transparency International released the 2014 edition of its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) earlier this week. In the new edition Indonesia was ranked 107th (out a total of 175 countries), up from 114th in the previous edition. As such, Indonesia continues to improve gradually through the ranks of the index. However, with a score of 34 (out of a possible - and perfect - score of 100) the country still lags behind its regional peers such as Singapore (84), Malaysia (52) and the Philippines (38).

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  • Market’s Lukewarm Reception of Joko Widodo’s ‘Kabinet Kerja Indonesia’

    The market showed today (27/10) that the composition of Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s cabinet did not live up to expectations. On Sunday afternoon, Widodo had announced the names of the ministers inside his Working Cabinet (Kabinet Kerja) after having delayed the announcement for almost a week as several of his ministerial candidates needed to be replaced having been red flagged by the country’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). This then heightened expectations that Widodo’s cabinet would constitute a ‘dream team’.

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