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  • Office Space in Jakarta: Occupancy Rate Falls on New Supply

    The occupancy rate of office space in Jakarta in 2018 is estimated to reach its lowest level since 2012. The sliding figure is not caused by a decline in investment realization in Indonesia (which often involves the opening of new offices in the capital city of Jakarta) - in fact investment is rising - nor is it caused by an exodus of companies away from Jakarta (although a modest decline in demand for office space was detected). It is the opening of new large office towers what is troubling the ratio this year.

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  • Office Space in Jakarta: Rising Demand, but Supply Rising More Swiftly

    Based on accounts of services providers in Indonesia's property market, demand for office space in Indonesia, and specifically in the capital city of Jakarta, shows good growth starting from the third quarter of 2017. Especially online businesses (for example the e-commerce industry) are showing rising appetite for office space.

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  • Property Industry Indonesia: Office Space Vacancy in Jakarta Growing

    The amount of empty office space in Jakarta's central business district (CBD) has grown as supply outpaces demand, while business activity in Indonesia has slowed amid the ongoing economic slowdown of Southeast Asia's largest economy. Since 2011 Indonesia's GDP growth has been slowing due to sluggish global growth and low commodity prices. According to information from Savills Consultants Indonesia, unit of London-listed global real estate service provider Savills Plc, the office space vacancy rate in Jakarta grew from 4.8 percent in 2014 to 8.4 percent in mid-2015.

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  • Office Space in Jakarta: Time for Offering Discounts & Promotion

    Having an office in the center of Jakarta is usually an ambition of foreign and local businessmen in Indonesia. An office in Jakarta's Central Business District, the heart of the capital, is a strategic location (located close to the headquarters of numerous other companies that are active in Indonesia) and it adds a certain status to your company even though you will have to battle severe traffic congestion each time you visit or leave the office (but it is fair to say that also in the other parts of Jakarta traffic is immense).

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