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  • Company Profile of BISI International: A Leading Agribusiness in Indonesia

    Indonesia Investments has added the preliminary company profile of PT BISI International Tbk to our Indonesian Companies section. BISI International - together with its three subsidiaries Multi Sarana Indotani, Tanindo Subur Prima and Tanindo Intertraco - is the largest producer of hybrid seeds for corn, rice and horticulture in Indonesia. BISI International is also a major Indonesian producer of pesticides and a distributor of fertilizer. Its plants are located in Kediri (East Java) and head office in Sidoarjo (East Java).

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  • Global Coffee Price: Expected Weak Production in Brazil and Indonesia

    Sentiments on the global coffee market have turned around completely in 2014 as severe drought in Brazil in combination with high rainfall in Indonesia are expected to result in weak harvests, thereby reducing global coffee production and stockpiles, causing a significant price increase since mid January 2014. Both countries are vital for global coffee production. Brazil accounts for about half of the world's total arabica production, while Indonesia is a significant robusta-type producer.

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  • Corn Production & Consumption in Indonesia: Aiming for Self-Sufficiency

    Corn is among the four strategic commodities that receive special attention in the blueprint of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The AEC’s food blueprint aims to enhance food security & sovereignty of corn, rice, soybeans and cassava in the ASEAN region. Indonesia is currently the region’s largest corn producer. However, Indonesian corn consumption continues to outpace domestic corn production, resulting in a deficit. This column provides an overview of Indonesia’s corn sector in the context of the AEC.

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  • Indonesian Government Proposes $32.6 Billion of Subsidy Spending in 2014

    The government of Indonesia proposes to allocate IDR 336.24 trillion (USD $32.6 billion) for subsidy spending in the 2014 state budget draft: IDR 284.7 trillion (USD $27.6 billion) for energy subsidies and IDR 51.6 trillion (USD $5.0 billion) for non-energy subsidies. The proposed amount implies a 3.41 percent fall in total subsidy allocation compared to Indonesia's state budget in 2013. However, despite a reduction, subsidy expenditure is still large at 18.5 percent of total government spending (IDR 1,816.7 trillion).

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