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  • Siloam International Hospitals Ready for Rights Issue

    Siloam International Hospitals, Indonesia's largest private hospital operator, received the green light from shareholders to conduct a rights issue. Through the rights issue the company will issue 325.2 million brand new shares, equivalent to 25 percent of its enlarged share capital. Siloam aims to obtain IDR 3.09 trillion (approx. USD $232 million) worth of fresh funds through the corporate move.

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  • Shareholders Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat Approve 10:1 Stock Split

    On the latest shareholder meeting (conducted Wednesday 23 September) it was decided that Indonesian hospital operator Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat can go-ahead with its planned 10:1 stock split. The company wants to reduce its shares’ nominal value by ten in order to boost liquidity as shares become more affordable. Meanwhile, shareholders also agreed to boost the company’s paid up capital. After Siloam International Hospitals, Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat is Indonesia’s second-largest hospital operator.

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  • IPO News Indonesia: Bank Yudha, Mitra Keluarga & Mitra Energi

    Three Indonesian companies are expected to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in the first quarter of 2015. These companies are Bank Yudha Bhakti, Mitra Keluarga and Mitra Energi Persada. Hoesen, Director of Corporate Valuation at the IDX, said that the listing of Mitra Energi Persada (an oil, gas and coal distributor) is actually a re-listing as the company had de-listed from the Exchange in 2007. The company is expected to offer 11 percent of its enlarged equity to the public.

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  • Daily Indonesian Market Roundup: Corporate & Financial Headlines

    What is the most important corporate news from Indonesia on Tuesday 12 August 2014? Here we present the daily market roundup. This includes following companies: Bank Internasional Indonesia, Kalbe Farma, Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex), Phapros, Siloam International Hospitals, Asia Resource Minerals, Bumi Resources, Kao Corporation, Garuda Indonesia as well as June 2014 retail sales (Bank Indonesia survey), and the 10 years’ imprisonment demand for suspended Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah.

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  • Indonesia's Benchmark Stock Index (IHSG) Falls 1.18% on Monday

    After market participants had time in the weekend to think over the 'rescue packages' of the Indonesian government and central bank (Bank Indonesia) that were released on Friday (23/08), they seemed unconvinced about the short-term impact of the packages. As a result, Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) fell 1.18 percent to 4,120.67 points on Monday (26/08), which is the IHSG's lowest level since 7 September 2012. The Indonesian rupiah gained 0.06 percent to IDR 10,841 (Bank Indonesia's mid rate).

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