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  • Moody’s Assigns (P)Baa3 Rating to Indonesia’s Samurai Bonds

    The Samurai (yen-denominated) bonds that are to be issued by the Indonesian government (through private placement) received a provisional rating of (P)Baa3 (stable outlook) from Moody’s Investors Service. Part of the Samurai bonds to be used by the government are without guarantees from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). It will be the first time for Indonesia to issue unguaranteed Samurai bonds since 1983 and thus the issuance serves as a test to measure Japanese investors’ confidence in Indonesian assets.

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  • Indonesia to Sell Unguaranteed Samurai Bonds to Japanese Investors Soon

    The Finance Ministry of Indonesia started to market multi-tranche Samurai (yen-denominated) bonds, partially without guarantees from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), a Japanese public financial institution. It will be the first time that Indonesia issues unguaranteed Samurai bonds and thus the result will inform how confident Japanese investors are in Indonesia’s debt markets. Previously, all Samurai bonds issued by the Indonesian government were guaranteed by JBIC.

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  • Indonesia to Offer US Dollar, Euro, Yen and Islamic Bonds in 2015

    The government of Indonesia announced that it plans to sell US dollar, euro and yen-denominated bonds as well as global sukuk (Islamic bonds) in 2015. Robert Pakpahan, Director General at the Debt Management Office within the Finance Ministry, said that the government targets to issue IDR 431 trillion (USD $35.2 billion) worth of bonds next year, of which USD $7-8 billion will be offered to global investors. Pakpahan added that the Indonesian government will not offer saving bonds next year.

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Latest Columns JBIC

  • Indonesia's Controversial Batang Power Plant: Human Rights & Environment

    Last week it was announced that the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) agreed to a USD $3.4 billion loan for the construction of the controversial Batang power plant in Central Java. This power plant project is controversial as it met fierce resistance from the local community (triggering concerns about human rights violations related to the land acquisition process) as well as criticism from environmental groups, saying this power plant - set to become Indonesia's largest coal-fired power plant - runs counter to Indonesia's earlier commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

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  • Indonesia Most Popular Investment Destination for Japanese Expansion

    According to a survey of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), 44.9 percent of respondents assessed Indonesia as the most promising investment destination for the next three years. The respondents in this survey involved 500 Japanese companies that engage in international businesses. For Indonesia it is the first time in 21 years that it forms the preferred choice of overseas investments for Japanese companies, thus replacing China. In 2013, Japan already dominates foreign direct investment in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia Increasingly Important Investment Destination for Japan

    After China and India, Indonesia is currently the third most important investment destination for Japanese investments in the manufacturing sector. In 2011, Indonesia - Southeast Asia's largest economy - was still ranked number five on that list. However, in recent years the country managed to surpass Thailand and Vietnam. This fact indicates the important link between Indonesia and Japan. The chief executive officer of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Hiroshi Watanabe, confirmed these findings.

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