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  • Tire Manufacturers See Rising Earnings from Indonesian Market

    Three Indonesian tire manufacturers, all listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, are showing the same trend over the past year: earnings from the domestic market are rising, while earnings from exports are declining. This could be a sign that Indonesia's domestic automotive market has been improving or the international industry has been weakening (or both). The three tire manufacturers are Gajah Tunggal, Multistrada Arah Sarana, and Goodyear Indonesia.

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  • Tire Manufacturing Industry Indonesia Remains under Pressure

    Sales of tires in Indonesia are expected to remain bleak in 2016. Azis Pane, Chairman of the Indonesian Tire Companies Association (APBI), said sales of tires this year may only reach 8.5 million units (roughly the same sales figure as in the preceding year), while exports of Indonesian-made tires may fall to 30 million units (from a "normal" figure of 45 million). Domestic tire sales are highly dependent on the nation's car and motorcycle sales. Indonesia's February motorcycle sales declined 5.6 percent (y/y) to 524,864 units in February 2016, after a 17.2 percent (y/y) plunge in the preceding month.

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  • Indonesian Tire Sales to Remain Sluggish in 2016

    Growth of Indonesia's tire industry is expected to remain stagnant until at least the last quarter of 2016 as people's purchasing power is weak while the circulation of money is slow amid sluggish economic growth. Domestic sales of tires in Indonesia are expected to reach around 8.25 million tires in full-year 2016. Meanwhile, about 30 million tires are expected to be exported next year. As such, Indonesia's total tire sales are projected to reach around 38 million in 2016.

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  • South Korea's Hankook Tire Taps Indonesia's Vibrant Tire Industry

    In mid-September 2013, South Korean tire producer Hankook Tire, conducted the inauguration of its tire plant in Indonesia. The factory is located in Cikarang (West Java) and is the company's seventh production center in the world: two plants in Korea, three in China and one in Hungary. Annual production capacity of the two factories in Korea reached 46.1 million tires in 2013. Meanwhile, the three factories in China have an annual capacity of 30.8 million units each. In Hungary, annual capacity stands at 12.6 million tire units.

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