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  • Indonesia Investments' Newsletter of 24 May 2015 Released

    On 24 May 2015, Indonesia Investments released the latest edition of its newsletter. This free newsletter, which is sent to our subscribers once per week, contains the most important news stories from Indonesia that have been reported on our website in the last seven days. Most of the topics involve economic matters such as Bank Indonesia’s interest rate environment, revised requirements for the purchase of property, gender equality, consumer confidence, the IPO of PP Properti, luwak coffee, and more.

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  • Global Demand for Indonesian Luwak Coffee (Kopi Luwak) Declined

    The Central Java branch of the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI) said that demand for luwak coffee (Indonesian: kopi luwak), an Indonesia specialty coffee and known as the world’s most expensive coffee, has been in decline since 2013. Luwak coffee is an extraordinary type of coffee as it is brewed from beans that have passed through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet cat. This labour-intensive production process and its scarcity on the global market cause luwak coffee’s expensive price.

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  • Indonesian Coffee: Analysis and Overview of Indonesia's Coffee Industry

    Indonesia Investments updated the profile of coffee in our commodities section. Indonesia is one of the world's top coffee producing and exporting countries and thus this beverage is an important foreign exchange earner. Starting from the 1960s, Indonesia has shown a small but stable increase in domestic production of coffee. Apart from the production of regular coffee, Indonesia is famous for certain types of specialty coffee, including  luwak coffee (kopi luwak), Toraja coffee, Aceh coffee and Mandailing coffee.

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  • Coffee Consumption in Asia is Rising Sharply

    Contrary to coffee demand in Western countries (which is expected to grow by about one percent per year), coffee demand in Asia - and in line with the region's economic growth - is expected to grow by about five to ten percent annually. A number of Asian coffee bean producing and exporting countries exhibit populations that drink more coffee and thus need to allocate more of its production to the domestic market, at the expense of its export.

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Latest Columns Luwak Coffee

  • Coffee in Indonesia: Lower Output but Higher Earnings on Brazil Drought

    Brazil has been in the spotlight as recent developments in this country influence global prices of coffee and sugar. There are currently two factors at play in Brazil, the world’s leading coffee and sugar supplier. First, ongoing drought has sharply pushed up the price of coffee. Secondly, the market is hopeful that reform-minded candidate Aécio Neves wins the Brazilian presidential election in the second voting round. This has given Brazil’s currency (real) a boost against the US dollar, and thus impacted on prices of coffee and sugar.

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