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  • Indonesian Mandailing Coffee Favorite Specialty Coffee of Erna Knutzen

    On the 26th edition of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), which is held  between 24 and 27 April 2014 in the Washington Convention Center (Seattle), Erna Knutsen - who introduced the term 'specialty coffee' in 1974 in an issue of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and is the founder of Knutsen Coffees Ltd - said that Mandailing coffee (a specialty coffee from Sumatra) is her favorite specialty coffee. Knutsen received the Life Achievement Award at the SCAA on the opening night of the event.

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  • Indonesian Coffee: Analysis and Overview of Indonesia's Coffee Industry

    Indonesia Investments updated the profile of coffee in our commodities section. Indonesia is one of the world's top coffee producing and exporting countries and thus this beverage is an important foreign exchange earner. Starting from the 1960s, Indonesia has shown a small but stable increase in domestic production of coffee. Apart from the production of regular coffee, Indonesia is famous for certain types of specialty coffee, including  luwak coffee (kopi luwak), Toraja coffee, Aceh coffee and Mandailing coffee.

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  • Coffee Consumption in Asia is Rising Sharply

    Contrary to coffee demand in Western countries (which is expected to grow by about one percent per year), coffee demand in Asia - and in line with the region's economic growth - is expected to grow by about five to ten percent annually. A number of Asian coffee bean producing and exporting countries exhibit populations that drink more coffee and thus need to allocate more of its production to the domestic market, at the expense of its export.

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