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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Update: Rights Issue HM Sampoerna

    Indonesia Stock Exchange Update: Rights Issue HM Sampoerna

    Indonesia’s largest cigarette producer, Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna (HM Sampoerna), narrowed the price range for its 4-to-65 rights issue from the range of IDR 63,000 - IDR 77,000 to the new range of IDR 65,000 - IDR 77,000 per share. HM Sampoerna, the local unit of global tobacco giant Phillip Morris International Inc., aims to collect USD $1.4 billion through the offering of 269.7 million shares. Reportedly, the company will take orders from institutional and retail investors starting from Monday (21/09).

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  • Indonesian Tobacco Giant Sampoerna Shuts down Two Cigarette Plants

    Indonesian Tobacco Giant HM Sampoerna Shuts down Two Cigarette Plants

    HM Sampoerna, Indonesia's largest tobacco company, decided to close two of its seven hand-rolled cigarette factories as the company needs restructuring due to its declining market share in the country's hand-rolled cigarettes industry. The market share fell from 30.4 percent in 2009 to 23.1 percent in 2013 as consumers are shifting to machine-rolled cigarettes. HM Sampoerna's hand-rolled cigarette plants in Jember and Lumajang (both in East Java) will be closed on 31 May 2014 and will lead to the termination of 4,900 employees.

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  • Company Profile of HM Sampoerna: Indonesia's Largest Tobacco Company

    HM Sampoerna, the largest tobacco company of Indonesia, controls about 29 percent of the Indonesian tobacco market. The company operates nine manufacturing facilities in Indonesia: two machine-made kretek production facilities as well as seven hand-rolled kretek production facilities (kretek cigarettes are the highly popular clove cigarettes, a trademark of Indonesia). The company also distributes the famous Marlboro brand on the domestic market. In 2005, Sampoerna was sold to Philip Morris, an international cigarette and tobacco giant.

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  • Shareholders Approve HM Sampoerna's Stock Split & Dividend Payout

    Shareholders of the largest cigarette manufacturer of Indonesia, Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna (HM Sampoerna), approved the company's plan to execute a 25-for-1 stock split. The move, aimed at making shares more affordable for retail investors thus boosting liquidity, will raise the company's total outstanding shares to 116.3 billion pieces. Since 2005 HM Sampoerna has been owned by international tobacco giant Philip Morris. The US-based company controls a 92.5 percent stake in HM Sampoerna.

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