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  • Ford Motor Company to Close Operations in Indonesia & Japan

    American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company decided to close all of its operations in Indonesia and Japan in 2016 due to the lack of prospects for profit in both countries. Ford spokeswoman Karen Hampton said this decision will result in the layoffs of 35 Ford staff-members in Indonesia and 292 employees in Japan. Business operations in Indonesia - which include the import of Ford and Lincoln vehicles, sales and dealerships offices - will be shut down later this year. Ford's production base in Japan will be shifted elsewhere.

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  • Why Will General Motors Close its Assembly Plant in Indonesia?

    General Motors Indonesia (GM Indonesia), the local unit of the US-based General Motors Company, made a loss of about USD $200 million in the years 2013-2014 due to higher operational costs while sales did not grow accordingly. The company was unable to compete with its dominant Japanese rivals, led by Toyota Motor. These were the main reasons behind the company’s decision to close its assembly plant in Bekasi (East of Jakarta) by mid-2015 (implying the dismissal of 500 employees).

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  • General Motors (GM) Eager to Expand its Car Business in Indonesia

    General Motors Company (GM), the American multinational holding corporation that engages in the automotive industry, aims to expand its partnership with China's SAIC Motor Corp by joining hands to enhance business activities in Indonesia. Recently, speculation emerged that both companies were drifting apart. However, both camps claim that the relationship has never been better. In fact, GM China and SAIC are opening four new plants in China which will add 1 million cars (per year) to the current production capacity of 3 million vehicles.

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