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Today's Headlines Minimum Wage 2014

  • What are the Minimum Wages in Indonesia in 2015?

    A total of 29 Indonesian provinces have already confirmed their new provincial minimum wages for the year 2015. Overall (excluding the four remaining provinces), the average Indonesian minimum wage rises 12.77 percent (y/y) in 2015. Although this growth is considerable, it is smaller than Indonesia’s minimum wage growth in 2014 (19.10 percent y/y). The highest minimum wage growth occurred in the province of Bangka Belitung (28 percent), while the lowest wage increase was in Riau (0.58 percent).

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  • 24 Indonesian Provinces Have Set New Regional Minimum Wage for 2014

    Per 14 November 2013, 24 Indonesian provinces have confirmed their new provincial minimum wage for the year 2014. As Indonesia numbers 34 provinces in total, 10 more provinces are expected to announce their new minimum wages soon. It is interesting to note that of the 24 provinces that have already published the new minimum wage, 11 provinces have set the minimum wage below the assumed need for decent living in the province, which implies that the minimum wage is not enough to finance a person's minimum monthly basic needs.

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  • New Minimum Wage Jakarta Set at IDR 2.4 Million ($213) per Month in 2014

    After two days of demonstrations by tens of thousands of Indonesian workers, the Governor of Jakarta (Joko Widodo) raised the capital's minimum wage to IDR 2.4 million (USD $213) per month. The new minimum wage, proposed by the Jakarta Wage Council, will be implemented in 2014 and constitutes a 10% increase from the current minimum wage of IDR 2.2 million. The workers, however, had demanded for a minimum wage of IDR 3.7 million causing various institutions and analysts to express concerns about the impact on the investment climate.

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