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  • Foreign Exchange Reserves Indonesia Rise Slightly in April 2016

    Indonesia's foreign exchange reserves rose slightly last month. According to the lastest data from the central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia), the country's foreign exchange assets inched up to USD $107.7 billion in April 2016 from USD $107.5 billion in the preceding month. Bank Indonesia stated that the increase came on the back of foreign exchange receipts obtained through the recent sale of central bank certificates (SBBI). These proceeds exceeded foreign exchange needed for foreign debt payments, hence causing rising reserve assets.

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  • Policy Package Bank Indonesia to Safeguard Rupiah Stability & Enhance Management

    After the government of Indonesia unveiled the second installment of its economic policy package on Tuesday (29/09), the central bank (Bank Indonesia) followed suit by releasing a rupiah exchange rate stabilization package on Wednesday (30/09). Bank Indonesia’s package has three main pillars: (1) safeguarding rupiah rate stability, (2) strengthening rupiah liquidity management, and (3) strengthening foreign exchange supply and demand management.

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  • Indonesian Foreign Exchange Reserves at USD $97.0 billion in October 2013

    Indonesia's foreign exchange (forex) reserves totalled USD $97.0 billion at the end of October 2013, up USD $1.3 billion from the previous month (USD $95.7 billion). Consequently, the current level of foreign exchange reserves is equivalent to 5.5 months of imports and the government’s foreign debt payment. Bank Indonesia considers the current stockpile of forex reserves adequate to bolster external sector resilience and is above international adequacy standards.

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