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  • American Officials Investigate USA - Indonesia Trade Relations

    Based on statements of officials at Indonesia’s Trade Ministry, the USA started its investigation into the trade deficits the USA has with 16 countries, including Indonesia. Two months ago US President Donald Trump ordered this trade probe as part of his “America First” policy. Trump wants the USA to have the upper hand (meaning a trade surplus) in trade relations.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia May 2017: Declining on Ramadan Imports

    Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced Indonesia's trade surplus stood at USD $474 million in May 2017, significantly below analysts' estimates and the revised April 2017 trade surplus of USD $1.33 billion. Key reason that explains Indonesia's lower trade surplus is rising imports ahead of the Ramadan (the Islamic fasting month) and Idul Fitri celebrations (the festivities that follow after the end of Ramadan).

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  • Indonesia Should Attract More Investment to Boost Economic Growth

    After Standard & Poor's (S&P) assigned investment grade status to Indonesia's sovereign rating, hence boosting positive perceptions about the Indonesian economy, the government should use this momentum to encourage public and private investment to push macroeconomic growth to the targeted range of 5.4 - 6.1 percent year-on-year (y/y) in 2018.

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  • Declining Role of Exports in the Indonesian Economy, Textile Alert

    Indonesia's export performance tumbled 10.3 percent month-to-month (m/m) to USD $13.17 billion in April 2017. Suhariyanto, Head of Statistics Indonesia (BPS), attributed this decline to a steep 35.4 percent (m/m) decline in exports of oil and gas products. Nearly all components in the oil and gas balance were plagued by declining prices. However, also in terms of volume these oil and gas exports tumbled, implying weakening global demand for energy (perhaps a sign the Chinese economy remains in slowdown-mode).

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  • Trade Data: Indonesia's Export & Import Performance in April

    Based on the latest data from Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS), released on Monday morning (15/05), Indonesia's export and import performance in April 2017 slightly weakened compared to the performance in the preceding month but remains in much better shape than it was in April one year ago. The nation's April trade surplus is USD $1.24 billion, smaller than the revised USD $1.39 billion surplus in the preceding month but still exceeding analysts' forecasts.

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  • Trade Data Indonesia: Exports, Imports Rise Sharply in March 2017

    Indonesia reported good trade data on Monday (17/04). Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced the nation's exports were worth USD $14.59 billion in March 2017, up 23.55 percent from the same month one year earlier (and the biggest rise since August 2011), on the back of growing oil and gas shipments. Moreover, the pace of Indonesia's export growth in March was nearly two times faster compared to growth recorded in the preceding month as well as the forecast of most analysts.

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  • Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Talks Economic Growth

    Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati believes economic growth of Indonesia in 2017 can exceed the target that was set by the central government in the state budget. While the official target in the 2017 State Budget was set at 5.1 percent year-on-year (y/y), Sri Mulyani expects to see the growth rate at 5.2 percent (y/y) on the back of rising consumption and investment, while she predicts an end to the trend of falling imports and exports.

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  • Import & Export: BPS Releases Indonesia's February Trade Data

    Indonesia Statistics (BPS) announced on Wednesday (15/03) that Indonesia's exports and imports grew at a slower pace in February 2017 (compared to the preceding month). This performance was in line with expectations. While Indonesia's exports grew 11.16 percent year-on-year (y/y) to USD $12.57 billion in February 2017, its imports grew 10.61 percent (y/y) to USD $11.26 billion over the same period.

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  • Trump's Trade Policies Positive for Indonesia's Footwear Industry?

    Indonesia's exports of footwear to the United States (USA) are expected to reach the value of USD $1.5 billion in 2017, up 12 percent year-on-year (y/y) from USD $1.34 billion last year. This increase is expected to come on the back of US President Donald Trump's eagerness to limit imports from China by introducing higher tariffs. This policy should now open up opportunities for Indonesian footwear exporters.

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