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  • Indonesia Posts USD $293.6 Million Trade Surplus in August 2016

    Although at a slower pace, Indonesia's exports and imports continued to contract in August 2016. In August Indonesia exported USD $12.63 billion worth of goods down 0.75 percent on a year-on-year basis (much better than analysts had forecast). Meanwhile, Indonesia imported USD $12.34 billion worth of goods in August, down 0.49 percent (y/y). As such, the trade balance in August showed a USD $293.6 million surplus. However, Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) added that it was the 23rd month of declining imports and exports for Indonesia.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $598 Million Surplus in July 2016

    Indonesia's Statistics Agency (BPS) announced on Monday (15/08) that the trade balance of Indonesia showed a surplus of USD $598 million in July 2016, down from a USD $879.2 million surplus in the preceding month and considerably below analyst forecasts. Although Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy, booked a USD $4.2 billion trade surplus in the first seven months of 2016, concern about Indonesia's weakening exports and imports persist. Faster falling imports (compared to exports) explains the trade surplus.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $900 Million Surplus in June 2016

    Indonesia's latest trade data beat forecasts by quite a distance. According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia's trade balance recorded a monthly surplus of USD $900.2 million in June 2016. Previously, median forecasts expected a USD $300 million surplus. Meanwhile, the nation's trade surplus more than doubled in June from the monthly surplus in the preceding month, supported by strong exports of electronics, auto parts, finished garments, and rubber products. Despite this positive result, there remain some concerns.

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  • Indonesia's May Trade Surplus Narrows to $375.6 Million

    Today (15/06) Statistics Indonesia (BPS) announced that Indonesia's May trade balance showed a surplus of USD $375.6 million, below analyst estimates (at USD $680 million) and below the (revised) USD $660 million trade surplus recorded in the preceding month. Although having a trade surplus is good, there remain concerns about Indonesia's falling exports and imports as these declines are signs of weakening domestic and global economic activity.

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  • Indonesia Declares Patimban Seaport a National Strategic Project

    The central government of Indonesia has officially declared the Patimban Seaport project in Subang (West Java) a national strategic project through Presidential Decree No. 47/2016, signed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. This declaration implies that the project is regarded a priority project that benefits the economy and society as a whole. The priority status further means that all ministers, government agencies and governors need to support the development of the project.

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  • Indonesia's Cement Producers Increasingly Exporting Their Output

    Cement exports from Indonesia have surged sharply in the first five months of 2016. Rising cement export is a good strategy to tackle the domestic oversupply of cement in Indonesia. Due to the influx of new cement producers as well as the expansion programs of existing cement producers in Southeast Asia's largest economy, the nation's cement production capacity has nearly reached 100 million tons per year, while domestic demand may only reach 65 million tons in 2016.

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  • Infrastructure Indonesia: Jakarta's New Priok Port (Kalibaru) Opened Soon

    State-owned Pelindo II, the company that is involved in port services across ten Indonesian provinces, plans to conduct another test related to the New Priok Port on 2 July 2016. Full commercial operations are scheduled to start on 15 July 2016. The New Priok Port is one of the large government infrastructure projects involving the construction of a new port (an extension of the Tanjung Priok) in North Jakarta in order to tackle Indonesia's severe logistics trouble, while bringing Indonesia's port facilities on par with other world-class ports such as Singapore.

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  • Trade Balance Indonesia: $670 Million Surplus in April 2016

    Based on the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia booked a USD $670 million trade surplus in April 2016, primarily caused by a bigger-than-expected decline in imports. Most analysts expected to see a monthly trade surplus around USD $200 million last month. In the first four months of 2016, Indonesia's trade balance has now accumulated into a USD $2.3 billion trade surplus. Although the surplus is positive, there remain deep concerns about the persistently falling import and export figures.

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  • Cosmetic Industry: Martina Berto, Mandom Indonesia & Mustika Ratu

    Indonesian cosmetic companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange have not yet seen earnings gain momentum in the first quarter of 2016. Martina Berto is the only listed cosmetic producer that managed to post rising net sales and net profit in Q1-2016. Meanwhile, the two other cosmetic firms - Mustika Ratu and Mandom Indonesia - saw their net sales decline in the same period due to weak purchasing power and household consumption in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Moreover, cosmetic firms have been offering discounts in order to raise sales volumes.

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  • GDP Growth: Slowing Household Consumption in Indonesia is Worrisome

    Efforts to raise people's purchasing power and household consumption in Indonesia will be key to push for higher economic growth in 2016. According to the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP) growth reached 4.92 percent (y/y) in the first quarter of 2016. Although this result failed to meet analysts' projections (which generally stood around 5 percent y/y), it was higher than the 4.73 percent (y/y) economic growth pace that was posted in the same quarter one year earlier.

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