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  • Express Transindo Utama Takes Over Ekspres Mulia Kencana for US $6.87 million

    Express Transindo Utama (Express), the Indonesian taxi operator that is controlled by Peter Sondakh's Rajawali Corpora, has acquired an entire stake in Jakarta-based taxi operator Ekspres Mulia Kencana for IDR 67 billion (USD $6.87 million). This take over - which had been announced last year - will add 2,000 licensed taxi units to the company's current total taxi fleet size of about 8,000 taxis (which are primarily in operation in the Greater Jakarta area).

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  • Blue Bird Group Is Preparing for an IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    In Indonesian media it was reported today that the Blue Bird Group, Indonesia's largest taxi services group, picked Credit Suisse AG and UBS AG as underwriters for its initial public offering (IPO), which is assumed to take place in the second or third quarter of this year (initially the IPO was planned for the first half of 2013). Through this IPO, in which 20 to 40 percent of its equity will be sold to the public, the taxi company targets to collect about US $250 million.

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  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Indonesia’s Taxi Operator Blue Bird

    Initial Public Offering (IPO) Indonesia’s Taxi Operator Blue Bird

    Blue Bird, Indonesia’s largest taxi operator, plans to conduct its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) this month. The company offers 531.4 million shares, or 20 percent of its enlarged capital, to the public. However, the company is yet to determine the share price for the IPO. Based on a statement released on Friday (03/10), Blue Bird holds an offering from 24 to 28 October 2014. The company’s shares are set to be listed on the IDX on 3 November 2014. Blue Bird will also hold roadshows in the US and the UK.

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