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  • Pilot Program between Indonesia's Express Transindo Utama & Uber

    Express Transindo Utama, Indonesia's second-largest taxi operator, saw its shares surge on Monday morning (19/12) after the company announced a pilot program for ride-sharing and vehicle financing in Jakarta in cooperation with ride-hailing company Uber. The partnership involves the integration of Uber technology with the operations of the Indonesian listed taxi operator. Hence, Express drivers can take orders from the Uber app, in addition to their normal taxi services.

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  • Taxi & Bus Transportation Operators in Indonesia Under Pressure

    Taxi and bus operators in Indonesia are having a tough time. Due to rising competition in the nation's land transportation services sector, corporate earnings of the traditional players are on the decline, while new players are seeing improving earnings. Indonesia's traditional transportation services operators (particularly taxi and bus operators) are plagued by the presence of app-based transportation services (such as Grab, Uber and Gojek) as well as new railways and airports that are being developed as part of the government's grand infrastructure development ambition.

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  • Violence at Anti-Transport Services Apps Demonstration in Indonesia

    Today, Indonesian taxi and public transportation drivers staged another demonstration in Jakarta. They protest against the presence of app-based mobile applications such as Uber Taxi, GrabCar and Go-Jek that all recently started offering transportation services in the bigger cities of Indonesia and have become increasingly popular, at the expense of the financial performance of established transportation services such as taxis, public buses, bajaj (three-wheeled scooters) and ojek (motor taxi). The demonstration turned violent on Tuesday morning.

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  • Indonesian Taxi Operator Blue Bird Downsizes Initial Public Offering

    Indonesia’s largest taxi operator Blue Bird has set a new (downsized) target for its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) this month. The company now aims to raise IDR 2.4 trillion (USD $200 million), down from its initial target of IDR 4.94 trillion. Blue Bird will offer 376.5 million shares to the public, or 14.2 percent of its enlarged capital, at a price of IDR 6,500 per share (considerably lower than its previous indicative price of between IDR 7,200 and IDR 9,300).

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  • Bond Issuance of Express Transindo Utama for Further Business Expansion

    Express Transindo Utama, the second-largest taxi operator in Indonesia (after the Blue Bird Group), targets to raise IDR 1 trillion (USD $88 million) through the issuance of three- and five-year bonds in the months ahead. Proceeds of this issuance will be used to finance further business expansion of the company, which includes the purchase of new taxi units. President Director of Express Daniel Podiman said that BCA Sekuritas, Mandiri Sekuritas and Valbury Asia Securities were appointed to assist the debt sale.

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  • Taxi Operator Blue Bird Expected to Conduct IPO in November 2013

    Blue Bird, the biggest taxi operator of Indonesia, aims to raise IDR 5 trillion (USD $450 million) through an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, which is expected to be conducted in November 2013. This would make it the largest Indonesian IPO since food producer Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur raised USD $696 million in 2010. Blue Bird allegedly appointed Credit Suisse, UBS and Danareksa Sekuritas to act as underwriters. It has been speculated that the company will sell 20 to 40 percent of its stock equity.

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  • Company Profile of Indonesia's Largest Taxi Operator: Blue Bird Group

    The company profile of the Blue Bird Group has been updated in the Indonesian Companies' section. The Blue Bird Group is Indonesia's largest taxi operator with a current fleet size of about 26,000 taxis. The company is planning to conduct its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in the fourth quarter of 2013, through which it aims to raise over USD $600 million. It has been reported that Credit Suisse, Rothschild and UBS will act as underwriters. Funds will be used for expansion and rejuvenation of its taxi fleet.

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  • Update: Blue Bird Group's IPO Expected in Fourth Quarter 2013

    Indonesia's biggest taxi operator, the Blue Bird Group, is planning to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in the fourth quarter of this year. The company expects to reap between USD $600 and $800 by selling 20 to 40 percent of the company's stock equity. If the company will indeed manage to meet this target, then the IPO of Blue Bird will be the largest since the publicly listing of Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, which raised USD $696 million in October 2010. It has been reported that Credit Suisse, Rothschild and UBS will act as underwriters.

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  • Award for Express Transindo Utama as Revenue and Share Price Grow

    Express Transindo Utama (TAXI), an Indonesian taxi operator controlled by Peter Sondakh's Rajawali Corpora, received the award for 'Warta Ekonomi's Best New Listed Company'. Warta Ekonomi is one of Indonesia's renowned business and economic magazines. The taxi operator received the award because its business is experiencing good growth as can be seen from its stock performance. In 2013, its shares rose 72.94 percent. The company is the first, and only, taxi operator that went public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

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  • Indonesian Company Profile: Express Transindo Utama, a Leading Taxi Operator

    Express Transindo Utama (TAXI), Indonesia's second largest taxi operator after the famous Blue Bird Group, is showing signs of aggressive expansion. In 2012, it became the first Indonesian taxi company ever to go public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). It plans to expand its taxi fleet size from the current 8,000 units to over 15,000 by 2015. Regarding expected net profit in 2013, the company has mentioned a 50 percent increase from last year's IDR 79.2 (USD $8.2 million).

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  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Indonesia’s Taxi Operator Blue Bird

    Blue Bird, Indonesia’s largest taxi operator, plans to conduct its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) this month. The company offers 531.4 million shares, or 20 percent of its enlarged capital, to the public. However, the company is yet to determine the share price for the IPO. Based on a statement released on Friday (03/10), Blue Bird holds an offering from 24 to 28 October 2014. The company’s shares are set to be listed on the IDX on 3 November 2014. Blue Bird will also hold roadshows in the US and the UK.

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