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  • Company Profile of Adaro Energy: A Leading Indonesian Coal Miner

    The updated company profile of Adaro Energy is presented in our Indonesian Companies section. The company is one of the leading Indonesian coal mining companies and Indonesia's second-largest producer of thermal coal, operating the largest single coal mine in the country (located in South Kalimantan). Adaro Energy produces a type of sub-bituminous coal that is less environment unfriendly because of its low content of sulfur, nitrogen and ash. This coal is globally trademarked as envirocoal.

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  • Indonesian Companies in Focus: Coal Miner Adaro Energy

    Adaro Energy, one of Indonesia's leading coal mining companies, is still plagued by the globe's weak coal prices. However, the company's estimated lower cash and operational costs give a positive boost to the miner's corporate earnings this year. According to Danareksa Sekuritas' estimates the cost of mining for Adaro Energy (outside royalty payments) will range between USD $26 - $28 per ton in 2016, slightly down from USD $28 per ton last year. Meanwhile, the miner's stripping ratio is expected to decline to 4.7x in 2016 (from 5.2x last year).

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