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  • Internet Infrastructure Indonesia: What About Progress on the Palapa Ring?

    It has been a while since we last reported on developments surrounding the Palapa Ring project, one of Indonesia's priority infrastructure projects in the 2016-2019 period. The Palapa Ring, which involves an undersea fiber-optic cable network that stretches across 13,000 kilometers as well as an onshore network of nearly 22,000 kilometers, will provide fast broadband Internet to Indonesians in both the urban and rural areas across the country. Once completed, all Indonesian districts (kabupaten) are connected through fiber-optic communication.

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  • By 2019, 4G Network Available in All Indonesian Cities & Districts

    Rudiantara, Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, targets to see the availability of 4G networks across all Indonesian cities and districts by the year 2019. That year the government's Palapa Ring project is planned to be completed. This project, involving an undersea fiber-optic cable network that stretches across 13,000 km and an onshore network of nearly 22,000 km, will provide fast broadband Internet to Indonesians in the urban and rural areas.

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  • Number of Internet Users Rising Rapidly in Indonesia

    According to the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (or APJII) there are currently 132.7 million Internet users in Indonesia, or approximately 51.8 percent of the total Indonesian population. These figures, which are the result of a survey, are much higher compared to 2014 when APJII data show that there were 88 million Internet users in Indonesia. Meanwhile, APJII Chairman Jamalul Izza informed that about 70 percent of Indonesian Internet users use a mobile device to access the Internet.

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  • Palapa Ring Project Indonesia: Construction West Section to Start

    The West section of Indonesia's Palapa Ring project is ready for construction according to the Indonesian Communication and Information Ministry. The majority of funds for the West Palapa Ring section - estimated to require IDR 1.28 trillion (approx. USD $97 million) in total - are ready to be disbursed. The Palapa Ring project, which consists of three sections (the West, Central and East sections), is one of Indonesia's priority infrastructure projects. It involves a huge undersea fiber-optic cable network that will offer faster broadband to the entire archipelago.

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  • Indonesia Has 100 Million Internet Users, Internet Penetration at 40%

    The Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia (APJII) announced that Internet penetration in Indonesia has now reached 40 percent of the population, or 100 million Internet users. Jamalul Izza, Chairman of the APJII, said this milestone is the result of the joint efforts the government, Internet services providers and other stakeholders to make Internet access available across the archipelago and create a conducive regulatory environment. However, it also implies that 60 percent of the population - some 150 million people - still live without Internet.

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  • E-Commerce Company eBay to Raise its Stake in Telkom’s Metra Plasa

    eBay Inc, a US-based global commerce platform and digital payments leader, plans to raise its stake in Indonesian e-commerce firm Metra Plasa from 40 percent to 49 percent. Currently, 60 percent of Metra Plasa is owned by Indonesia's largest telecommunication and network provider Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom). Telkom’s stake will thus decline to 51 percent. In 2012, eBay and Telkom (through Telkom’s subsidiary Multimedia Nusantara) established a joint venture to operate Metra Plasa.

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  • Business Opportunities in Indonesia: Online Shopping Gains Popularity

    Indonesia's e-commerce industry (online shopping) is expected to continue its rapid growth in the years ahead as more and more Indonesians have access to Internet amid the country's rising per capita GDP (resulting in a rapidly expanding middle class). Indonesians' purchasing power has expanded quickly and in combination with the popularity of the smartphone, people are increasingly purchasing consumer goods online. This was one of the conclusions drawn in an online business insight discussion organized by Google and in Jakarta.

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  • Indonesia's Low Internet Penetration Rate Curbs Economic Growth

    While Indonesia is currently in the middle of expanding its 4G network, the nation remains placed among the countries that have the poorest Internet penetration rate in the world. A recent World Bank report, titled 'World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends', zooms in on the economic and social impact that occurs when a relative large part of the population cannot be connected to the Internet or when the government fails to keep pace with the growth of technology.

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