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  • Indonesia & ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) - Introduction

    Per 1 January 2016 the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) came into effect. This community implies stronger cooperation and integration among the ten member countries in Southeast Asia. According to its blue print the AEC involves the launch of a single market and production base among its member nations, hence allowing the free flow of goods, services, investment, and skilled labor as well as the freer flow of capital. Indonesia is one of the member countries.

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  • Special Economic Zone of Batam Losing Appeal to Foreign Investors

    Sonia Kong, the Chairman of the Association of Korean Businesspeople in Batam, said that the investment or business climate in this Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has become less conducive in recent years. In the past five years, 17 Korean companies decided to move to other countries. Batam (including several surrounding islands) was given the status of SEZ with Singapore in 2007. This SEZ status means that tariffs and value-added taxes for goods shipped between Batam and Singapore are eliminated between 2007 and 2077.

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  • Difficulties for Indonesia to Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Indonesia has always been hesitant to join free-trade deals with other nations on fears that domestic industries cannot compete with foreign counterparts, which could lead to an influx of cheaper, yet higher-quality foreign products. During his visit to the White House, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Indonesia intends to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Back home, this statement led to concern. What are the negative consequences for Indonesia when joining this deal?

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