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  • Unemployment in Indonesia Eases to 5.61% in August 2016

    Unemployment in Indonesia eased to 5.61 percent of the national workforce - or 7.03 million people in absolute terms - in August 2016, improving from 6.18 percent in the same period one year earlier. On Monday (07/11), Indonesia's central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported these latest data. BPS released the nation's unemployment data twice per year, covering the months August and February. BPS Chairman Suhariyanto attributed the decline in unemployment to three matters: (1) the rising number of female workers, (2) the expanding size of workers in the informal sector, and (3) the e-commerce boom.

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  • Unemployment Rate Indonesia Falls to 5.5% of Labor Force

    According to the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) the unemployment rate of Indonesia fell to 5.5 percent of the nation's labor force, or 7.02 million people in absolute terms, in February 2016 (compared to an unemployment rate of 5.81 percent one year earlier). The data from BPS also indicate that Indonesia's workforce - remarkably - shrank from 128.3 million in February 2015 to 127.8 million people in February 2016 particularly due to a decline in workers in the agriculture sector.

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  • Special Helpdesk Prevents Layoffs in Indonesia's Textile & Footwear Industries

    The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the investment service agency of the Indonesian government, claims it has prevented about 24,500 of layoffs through its special desk for footwear and textile industries. This special desk is an agency set up by the BKPM in early October 2015 to support local companies in the footwear and textile industries as these industries are considered most affected by the country's economic slowdown. BKPM Chairman Franky Sibarani said a total of 48 companies have requested support through this special desk.

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  • Statistics Agency: Unemployment in Indonesia on the Rise

    Unemployment in Indonesia increased to 6.18 percent of the labour force in August 2015, or 7.56 million people in absolute terms, from 5.81 percent in February (or 7.45 million unemployed people) as the economic slowdown led to layoffs and slower absorption of the workforce. In the second quarter of 2015 Indonesia's economy grew at the slowest pace in six years at 4.67 percent (y/y) and only managed to improve slightly (4.73 percent y/y) in the third quarter.

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  • Indonesia to Announce Fourth Economic Policy Package on Thursday

    The government of Indonesia will announce a fourth stimulus package on Thursday (15/10). This new edition will focus on safeguarding employment in Indonesia. Due to the country's economic slowdown, concern about unemployment has risen. The Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPSI) recently said that over 62,000 Indonesian workers lost their jobs during the first nine months of 2015.

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  • No Indonesian Language Proficiency Test for Foreign Workers in Indonesia

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo wants to drop the regulation that states a foreign worker needs to learn Indonesian. Today (21/08), Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said President Widodo (often called Jokowi) requested Hanif Dhakiri, Indonesian Minister of Manpower and Transmigration, to revise this regulation (that was issued in 2013). According to Jokowi the language proficiency requirement would make Indonesia’s investment climate less competitive and could therefore hamper much-needed investment.

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  • Apindo: Indonesian Unemployment Rate to Rise due to Economic Slowdown

    As Indonesia’s economic growth continued to slow in the second quarter of 2015, the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) warned of increasing unemployment in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Each 1 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth can generate between 200,000 and 300,000 new jobs in Indonesia. As such, when economic growth slows, society misses out on new jobs and with around two million Indonesians entering the labor force each year, job generation is an important task of the government.

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  • Unemployment in Indonesia Declines to 5.70% of the Total Labor Force

    On Monday (05/05), Statistics Indonesia announced that unemployment in Indonesia declined to 5.70 percent (of the total labor force) in February 2014, equivalent to 7.2 million people in absolute terms. Compared to August 2013 (when Indonesia's unemployment rate was 6.17 percent), this constitutes a marked improvement. However, growth was limited compared to February 2013 (when unemployment was 5.82 percent), Data on Indonesia's (un)employment are released twice per year, covering conditions in the months February and August.

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  • Bappenas Ambitious to Curb Indonesia's Poverty and Unemployment Rates

    Indonesia's Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) wants to see declining unemployment and poverty rates in 2016 as economic growth improves in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Bappenas official Bambang Prijambodo said accelerated infrastructure development in the second half of 2015 and 2016 should manage to create more employment opportunities. Furthermore, the recent series of economic stimulus packages released by the Indonesian government aims to improve the country's investment climate and therefore should trigger more private investment.

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  • Slowing Economy of Indonesia: Rising Youth Unemployment

    Hariyadi Sukamdani, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), expressed his concern about unemployment in Indonesia, particularly unemployment among the younger generation of Indonesians (aged between 15 and 29). Amid slowing economic growth over the past six years, various industries have been cutting employment. With roughly half of the total population below 30 years of age, Indonesia’s demographic bonus can turn into disaster if this potential workforce fails to obtain employment opportunities.

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  • Unemployment in Indonesia Affected by Slowing Economic Growth

    Amid continued slowing economic growth unemployment in Indonesia increased in February 2015. On Tuesday (05/05), Statistics Indonesia announced that the country’s unemployment rate rose to 5.81 percent, up from 5.70 percent in February last year. However, compared to August 2014 - when unemployment was recorded at 5.94 percent - relative unemployment in Indonesia actually declined. Statistics Indonesia releases data on unemployment twice per year covering the unemployment rate in the months February and August.

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