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  • Mining News Indonesia: Government to Tender 5 Mining Areas

    Mining News Indonesia: Government to Tender 5 Mining Areas

    The government of Indonesia is preparing tenders for five mining areas. These mining areas were previously operated by listed miners Vale Indonesia and Timah under coal mining licenses (in Indonesian: Perjanjian Karya Pengusahaan Pertambangan Batubara, or PKP2B) and contracts of work (in Indonesian: Kontrak Karya, or KK).

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  • Freeport & Indonesian Government Agree on New Mining Permit

    Freeport & Indonesian Government Agree on New Mining Permit

    Arizona-based mining giant Freeport-McMoRan finally reached an agreement with the Indonesian government regarding the extension of the permit to operate the Grasberg mine, the world's largest gold mine and third-largest copper mine, in Papua. Ignasius Jonan, Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Minister, said Freeport can per direct apply for a 10-year permit extension to mine at Grasberg beyond the year 2021. Afterwards, it can apply once more for a 10-year extension.

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  • Update on Freeport Indonesia's Contract Dispute, No Arbitration?

    Update on Freeport Indonesia's Contract Dispute, No Arbitration?

    The management of gold and copper miner Freeport Indonesia is optimistic that negotiations with the central government will be completed before the Idul Fitri celebrations in the last week of June 2017. If an agreement is reached, then the case will not require arbitration. Both parties are negotiating over a contract dispute that also prompted the subsidiary of the United States-based mining giant Freeport-McMoRan to wind down operations (and fire staff) at its Grasberg mine in Papua.

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  • Mining in Indonesia: Nickel Price to Remain Under Pressure

    Mining in Indonesia: Nickel Price to Remain Under Pressure

    The nickel price is expected to remain under pressure up to (at least) the second half of 2018 due to the structural oversupply in the world market. So far this year the nickel price has fallen 9.38 percent to USD $9,080 per ton (London Metal Exchange). Analysts of the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. say nickel - used in stainless steel - is the worst-performing metal so far this year.

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  • Mining in Indonesia: Coal Price to Remain Stable on China Policies

    Mining in Indonesia: Coal Price to Remain Stable on China Policies

    Despite seeing a supply surplus in Asia, coal prices are expected to remain stable in the foreseeable future supported by expectations of Chinese intervention into domestic coal production. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal and therefore the main determinant of the coal price. On Friday (19/05), the Newcastle coal index (May 2017 contracts) rose 0.27 percent to USD $74.25 per ton.

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  • Cleaning Up Indonesia's Chaotic Mineral & Coal Mining Sector

    Cleaning Up Indonesia's Chaotic Mineral & Coal Mining Sector

    Efforts of Indonesian authorities to clean up the nation's mineral and coal mining industries met resistance. Various local mining companies that saw their Mining Business Permit (in Indonesian: Izin Usaha Pertambangan, or IUP) being revoked by Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry object to the government's move, despite authorities' claim that they are only revoking those permits of miners that have failed to obtain the mandatory clean and clear certificate (CnC).

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  • Heavy Equipment Production in Indonesia to Grow 14% in 2017?

    Heavy Equipment Production in Indonesia to Grow 14% in 2017?

    Production of heavy equipment in Indonesia is targeted to grow 14 percent to 4,200 units in 2017, compared to 3,678 produced units in the preceding year. This growth should come on the back of rising activity in the nation's mining sector, particularly Indonesia's coal mining sector, in line with rising commodity prices.

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  • Mining Dispute Indonesia: Arbitration for Freeport & Government?

    Mining Dispute Indonesia: Arbitration for Freeport & Government?

    The dispute between Freeport Indonesia and the Indonesian government may escalate now the former said it considers to seek international arbitration over the government's alleged breaching and violation of the existing Contract of Work (CoW) between both sides. Ever since the passing of Law No. 4/2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining (New Mining Law) there has been a high degree of uncertainty in Indonesia's mining sector.

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  • Holding Company for Indonesia's State-Owned Miners Ready in Q1-2017

    Holding Company for Indonesia's State-Owned Miners Ready in Q1-2017

    The government of Indonesia is nearing completion of the forming of holding companies for state-owned enterprises that are active in the oil & gas and mining sectors. It now only requires signing by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Last year Widodo approved plans to create five state holding companies in energy, mining, construction, housing, and financial services. Fully state-owned aluminium producer Inalum and energy company Pertamina will be the holding companies for activities in the mining and oil & gas sectors, respectively.

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  • Indonesian Government vs Contract of Work: Mineral Ore Export Rules

    Indonesian Government vs Contract of Work: Mineral Ore Export Rules

    A coalition of civil society groups is ready to challenge Indonesia's new mining rules at the Supreme Court next week, specifically those rules that impact negatively on the longstanding Contracts of Work (Kontrak Karya) as well as the (re-)opening of nickel ore and bauxite exports. Late last week, the Indonesian government announced to ease the controversial ban on exports of mineral ore. The government was immediately criticized for this "flip-flop policy". The move could flood global markets and put pressure on prices.

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Latest Columns Mining

  • Indonesia Stock Index Rebounds on Tuesday; Rupiah Depreciates

    Indonesia's benchmark stock index (IHSG) rebounded on Tuesday (03/09) amid rising Asian stock indices inflicted by optimism about economic recovery in China and the USA. The IHSG rose 1.53 percent to 4,164.12 points. Agribusiness and mining stocks were the top performers today, while the miscellaneous industry, which fell 0.09 percent, was the only sectoral index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) that was down. The rupiah depreciated against the US dollar as investors are concerned about July's USD $2.3 billion current account deficit.

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  • Jakarta Composite Index Rebounds amid Rising Asian Indices

    Jakarta Composite Index Rebounds amid Rising Asian Indices

    Rising Asian stock indices from the start of the week have supported Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) to follow suit on Tuesday (13/08). Despite mixed markets in the United States and Europe, the IHSG grew 1.19 percent to 4,652.40 points. Japan's Nikkei index, which weakened seriously after the country's disappointing Q2 GDP result, rebounded and had a positive impact on the IHSG. Lastly, positive European openings made sure the IHSG would stay in the green zone.

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  • Amid Weak Asian Indices Jakarta Composite Index Falls 1.68% on Monday

    In line with the trend in the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) fell 1.68 percent to 4,580.47 on Monday (29/07). All sectoral indices weakened. The worst performing sectoral indices were mining, consumer goods and miscellaneous industries, falling 2.44 percent, 2.30 percent and 2.08 percent respectively. The value of transactions was also rather small at IDR 3.12 trillion (USD $305.9 million), while foreign investors continued to record net sales amounting to IDR 379.3 billion (USD $37.2 million). 

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  • Profit Taking Turns Indonesia's Stock Index Back into Negative Territory

    As I wrote before, profit taking in combination with mixed movements of global stock indices resulted in the limited movement of Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) on Monday (22/07). The IHSG was corrected 0.96 percent to 4,678.98. All of the sectoral indices weakened, except for the plantation and mining sectors. As there were no positive news publications that would make investors buy assets, they decided to engage in profit taking after the IHSG had risen for five consecutive days.

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  • Market Waits for Indonesia's Inflation Data and Financial Company Reports

    Indonesia's main stock index (IHSG) increased 3.98 points to close at 4,724.41 on the last trading day (19/07). During last week, the index rose a limited 1.97 percent amid the context of a weakening IDR rupiah (Indonesia's currency even fell below the psychological boundary of IDR 10,000 against the US dollar). The IHSG's performance last week was mainly supported by rising shares in the country's finance, property, construction and metal mining sectors, while the cement and plantation sectors were corrected.

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  • Import-Export Trade and Investment between USA and Indonesia

    Although the United States continues its traditional focus on direct investments in developed countries, primarily in Western Europe, there has been a significant rise in US investments in Indonesia in recent years. Whereas US investments in the developed economies of Western Europe is mostly found in the financial sector and through holding companies, in developing Asia, the US is more focused on the manufacturing sector due to lower production costs. In the last two years, the US emerged as the second-largest investor in Indonesia after Japan.

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  • Protectionist Path in the Mining Sector to Increase Indonesia's Profit Share

    There has been quite some commotion regarding Indonesia's mining industry in recent years. The New Mining Law of 2009 implied a number of rigorous changes that are controversial up to the present day. The law was designed to increase Indonesia's profits from its own abundant natural resources, a sector in which many foreign companies are active. For foreigners the new law contains a number of protectionist measures that make Indonesia's mining industry less appealing.

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  • Vale Indonesia Pays USD $50 Million in Dividends amid Weak 2012 Performance

    Shareholders of Vale Indonesia, Indonesia's largest nickel producer, approved the proposal to allocate USD $6.7 million to general reserve and to distribute final dividend of USD $0.00252 per share. The dividend - equivalent to USD $25 million in aggregate from Vale Indonesia's net profit - will be paid on 31 May 2013. Indonesian shareholders will be paid in Indonesian rupiah based on the Central Bank's mid rate on 17 May 2013. Non-Indonesian shareholders will be paid in US dollar.

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  • Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia Grows Strong in Q1-2013

    Foreign Direct investment in Indonesia Investments

    In Quarter I 2013 (January-March), total investment in Indonesia increased 30.6 percent to IDR 93.0 trillion (US $9.58 billion) compared to the same period in 2012 according to data from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal, abbreviated BKPM), a government institution. Of this total amount, about seventy percent is accounted for by foreign direct investment, while the remaining thirty percent constitutes domestic direct investment.

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  • Strong Demand for Mining Stocks Pushes IHSG Upwards

    The positive response of Asian stock markets towards manufacture data from Europe, and the rebound of American and European stocks turned the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) back into green territory. Positive market sentiments impacted - as usual - on commodity stocks, particularly mining stocks, and which thus gained the most: Vale Indonesia (INCO), Antam (ANTM), Timah (TINS), and Resource Alam Indonesia (KKGI) all increased significantly.

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