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  • Fitch Ratings: Indonesia's Property Demand Will Not Improve Soon

    Global credit agency Fitch Ratings stated in its latest Indonesia Property Watch report that demand in Indonesia's property sector will not improve in the short-term. Whereas the Indonesian government implemented policies to cool the property market in 2013 (as authorities were concerned about the emergence of a bubble), it has recently shifted its stance and implemented measures to boost the market amid the country's economic slowdown. However, Fitch Ratings does not expect a quick rebound.

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  • Property in Indonesia: Demand for Apartments in Jakarta Still Strong

    With continued economic growth in Indonesia, thus giving rise to higher per capita GDP, the property market is still expanding rapidly, particularly in the bigger cities such as Jakarta (the political and economic center of Indonesia). By 2015, 46 new property projects will add nearly 25,000 new apartments in Jakarta (‘strata title’, a term that refers to the multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas) with a combined value of about IDR 23 trillion (almost USD $2 billion).

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  • Analysis Indonesia’s Property Market; Overview & Foreign Ownership

    The residential property sector of Indonesia remains attractive in 2015 despite several factors having managed to slow growth over the past two years. In this column I discuss the factors that have slowed growth in Indonesia’s property sector and how Indonesian authorities (such as the central bank and Financial Services Authority) responded to these challenges through new regulations. Lastly, I provide an update on the recently announced plan of the Indonesian government to allow foreign ownership of luxurious apartments.

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