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  • Paris Terrorist Attacks Not to Disturb Trade between Indonesia & France

    The terrorist attacks in Paris last week are not expected to jeopardize Indonesia's trade with France or the European Union. France is expected to tighten the flow of people, but not the flow of goods after the terrorist attacks on Friday (13/11) that led to the deaths of at least 129 people as well as hundreds of injured people. In 2014 trade between Indonesia and France totaled USD $2.35 billion, down 11 percent from the preceding year. Indonesian exports to France stood at USD $1.02 billion (exports only involved non-oil & gas products), while Indonesia's imports from France stood at USD $1.33 billion in 2014.

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  • EU and Indonesian Trade Ministry Launch Online Portal to Support Export

    The European Union (EU) and Indonesia’s Trade Ministry have cooperated to develop an online portal ( in an effort to assist Indonesian businesses that want to export their products to the European Union. This portal website is intended to guide exporting companies by providing various information on relevant market requirements and regulations. The portal - called Indonesia Technical Regulations Information Management System (INATRIMS) - was launched on Thursday (28/08).

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