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  • Indonesia's Fresh Pineapples Penetrate the Italian Market

    Italian consumers can now enjoy fresh pineapples from Indonesia after the first container - containing 18 tons of Indonesian pineapples - arrived in the port city of Venice on 9 June 2017. The export of fresh pineapples is done by Great Giant Food in cooperation with Italian importer SAMA SpA (which plans to import up to 20 containers from Indonesia before the end of 2017). Previously, Italian consumers could only enjoy pineapple that was packed in a can.

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  • Stock Market & Rupiah Update Indonesia: Italy's Referendum

    Contrary to most other Asian stock indices, Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index opened in the green zone on Monday morning (05/12). While, most markets are plagued by the outcome of Italy's referendum on Sunday (and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announcing his resignation), Indonesian stocks still seem to continue with the relief rally after the peaceful anti-Ahok demonstration on Friday (02/12). However, rupiah weakness, particularly as the US Federal Reserve may raise rates can limit the rise of local stocks.

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  • Financial Markets & Post-Brexit Concerns: Currencies & Bond Yields

    After the impressive rally last week (fed by hopes of more stimulus measures from central banks), concern about Brexit (Britain's decision to exit the European Union) is now impacting significantly on assets worldwide. With growing fears about instability in the European Union (EU) investors have become "more realistic" and seek safe haven assets, such as government bonds, Japan's yen, the US dollar and gold. A closer look at currencies and yields signals what is going on in investors' minds. Meanwhile, commodity prices - led by crude oil - extended their falls.

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  • Stock Market Update Asia: Post-Brexit Rally Completed?

    After a five-day winning streak in the post-Brexit era, the majority of Asian shares fell on Tuesday (05/07) as investors are engaging in profit-taking after the recent rally. Not even rising expectation of more stimulus measures from several key central banks around the globe managed to entice investors and boost appetite for stocks. Crude oil also fell on concerns over the global economy. Meanwhile, the safe haven assets gold and Japan's yen strengthened, while government bond yields fall to unprecedented levels. Indonesian markets are still closed for the Idul Fitri holiday (4 - 8 July 2016).

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Latest Columns Italy

  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Influenced by US Economic Data and Fed Stance

    Stock indices in the United States were up for the third day in a row on Thursday (27/06). Main reason for this upward trend are various positive macroeconomic figures from the USA. The number of homes under contract to be sold (excluding new construction) grew 6.7 percent in May, while analysts had forecast growth of about 1 percent from the previous month. Personal spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of the domestic economy, grew 0.3 percent in May, while personal income rose 0.5 percent.

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  • Despite Mixed Asian Stock Markets, Indonesia's Index Posts New Record High

    Despite positive results of monthly US Factory Orders and Economic Optimism, it did not support Asian stock markets up to the end of Wednesday's trading day. The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG), on the other hand, maintained its upward movement to reach 4,981.47, a 0.49 percent gain. Matters that supported the IHSG's performance to yet another new record high level, were well-received 2012 company reports as well as expected dividend payouts.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Down Despite Positive Asian Market Sentiments

    On Thursday's trading day, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) was tame and weakened again. Foreign market participants were mostly selling their Indonesian assets and influenced domestic investors to behave similarly. Most other Asian stock markets, however, turned positive and were followed by good European openings. It did not prevent the IHSG from losing 49.07 points, or 1.01 percent to 4,786.37. Trade volume increased, while total value of transactions decreased.

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange Heads Towards New Psychological Boundary of 4,800

    Today, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) reached yet another new record high as most market participants used the current positive market sentiments to maintain their stock portfolios, although part of the investors also took the chance to engage in profit taking. Most Asian stock markets gained significantly which was followed by positive openings of European stock indices. Both developments impacted heavily on the IHSG.

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  • Results of Italian Elections Turn Most Stock Indices Downwards

    On Tuesday's trading day, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) was not able to maintain its record breaking upward movement. China's possible decision to limit credit growth in the property sector and the election in Italy contributed significantly to the decline of the IHSG. Moreover, it was influenced by poor openings of European stock markets. Investors thus decided to engage in profit taking, while waiting for further global developments.

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