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  • Indonesia Opens Doors for Gas Imports to Boost Competitiveness

    The government of Indonesia decided to allow more imports of gas for the domestic industry, a decision that should put downward pressure on Indonesia's gas price. Many players in Indonesia's manufacturing industry have complained about the high domestic gas prices. This causes high production costs and therefore Indonesian manufacturers lack competitiveness (compared to foreign counterparts), while foreign investors think twice before investing in the nation's manufacturing industry.

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  • After Oil Will Indonesia Become a Net Importer of Gas Too?

    Earlier this month the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that Indonesia will require an additional 3,100 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) of gas supplies in the next five years to meet domestic gas demand for the country’s power stations and fertilizer plants. About 1,100 mmscfd of gas is needed for Indonesia’s plan to establish 13,400 MW of gas-fired power stations by 2020. A further 2,000 mmscfd is needed to fuel fertilizer plants in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

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