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  • Indonesia May Cancel Controversial Mineral Ore Export Ban

    The Indonesian government seems to abandon or delay its policy of banning mineral ore exports from 2017 onward. In January 2014 the ban on exports of raw minerals, part of the 2009 Mining Law, came into effect. However, due to the lack of domestic processing facilities the government allowed the resumption of certain concentrate exports (such as copper concentrate) provided the miner would be committed to the construction of smelting facilities, and pay higher taxes and royalties. The export ban was highly controversial as it conflicted with existing contracts and therefore caused outrage in Indonesia's mining industry.

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  • Indonesia Opens Room for Bauxite Export, Nickel Ore to Follow?

    Indonesian miners may be allowed to resume bauxite exports after a government official signalled that the Indonesian government is looking at relaxing its (raw) mineral export ban. This ban, implemented in January 2014, was introduced in an effort to boost domestic processing capacity, generate more revenue (by adding value to its mineral products) and enhance employment opportunities in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. However, amid the lack of domestic smelting capacity, the export ban has led to a plunge of exports.

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  • Bank Indonesia: Current Account Deficit Improved in 3rd Quarter 2014

    The wide current account deficit of Indonesia is expected to have eased in the third quarter of 2014. According to information from the country’s central bank, the current account deficit narrowed to 3.1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in Q3-2014 from 4.27 percent of GDP in the previous quarter. A deficit below the level of 3 percent of GDP is generally regarded as a sustainable level. The improvement in Q3-2014 is mainly due to resumed mineral exports after the government and several miners managed to finalize renegotiations.

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