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Today's Headlines Safety Concerns

  • Coal Trade Indonesia-Philippines Disturbed by Abu Sayyaf Ship Hijackings

    Coal shipments between Indonesia and the Philippines are disrupted by the recent series of incidents that occurred in the seas off the coast of the southern Philippines. Two Indonesian coal ports are now (temporarily) disallowing Indonesian ships from transporting coal to the Philippines. Security concerns heightened after members of the militant Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf network (based in the southwestern part of the Philippines) captured 18 Indonesians and Malaysians in three separate ship hijackings in recent weeks. It is feared that the waters around the southern Philippines become the new Somalia.

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  • Indonesia AirAsia: Shares of AirAsia Berhad Plunge after Suspension Threat

    After Indonesian authorities threatened to suspend the operating license of the Indonesian unit (Indonesia AirAsia) of Malaysia’s budget carrier AirAsia, shares of the latter (AirAsia Berhad) on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange plunged over 12 percent on Wednesday morning (08/07). Indonesia AirAsia is among 13 Indonesian airlines that were found to have negative equity and were ordered by the Indonesian Transportation Ministry to turn this positive before 31 July 2015 in order to retain their operating licenses.

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  • Indonesia’s Capital City Jakarta at Bottom of Safe Cities Index 2015

    In the Safe Cities Index 2015, launched by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta is ranked at the bottom of the index. The Safe Cities Index, which covers 50 large cities worldwide (selected on factors which include regional representation and availability of data), based its ranking on an average score across four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety. In 2014, data from the Jakarta Police showed that 213 out of every 100,000 Jakartans were victims of various crimes.

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  • Strike at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg Mine May Support Global Copper Prices

    Due to a strike at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg mine in Papua, the company’s copper production has fallen by about a third thus leading to speculation that global copper prices may increase after having fallen almost ten percent in 2014. About one thousand workers of Freeport Indonesia have been on strike since the second week of October after a fatal accident at the end of last month. The workers request the sacking of around 50 managers at the subsidiary of US-based Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold.

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Latest Columns Safety Concerns

  • Negative Equity: Indonesian Airlines’ Operating Permits May Be Suspended

    While Indonesia is still mourning for the lives that were lost in the military plane crash in Medan (North Sumatra) on Tuesday (30/06), the Indonesian Transportation Ministry threatens to suspend operating permits of 13 Indonesian airlines that are being plagued by negative equity, raising concerns about these airlines’ safety practices. The Transportation Ministry reviewed audited financial reports of 60 local carriers. These airlines will have time until 31 July 2015 to adjust their balance sheets.

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  • Copper Production at Freeport Indonesia Still Not Back on Track

    Production is still not back on track at Freeport Indonesia’s Grasberg mine in Papua as around 1,000 workers have not showed up for work since the second week of October. These workers refuse to work after a series of (fatal) incidents that led to concern about safety policies. In May 2013, 28 Freeport Indonesia workers died after a tunnel collapsed. More recently, in late September 2014, four workers died after a giant haulage truck collided with another vehicle (carrying nine passengers) at the Grasberg mine.

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