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  • Tourism in Indonesia: Adonara Group to Open 20 New Hotels

    Tourism in Indonesia: Adonara Group to Open 20 New Hotels

    The Adonara Group, an Indonesian hotel operator, plans to open 20 new hotels up to the end of 2017. Before the end of this year it will see two new hotels opening its doors. Meanwhile the Adonara Group also seeks business expansion through the purchase of the international brand "Continent Hotel". Ruben Amor, Chief Executive Officer at the Adonara Group, said the 20 new hotels - all ranging between two and four star hotels - that are planned to be opened up to the end of 2017 will use the Adonara and Continent Hotel brands.

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  • Business Trips & Tourism in Indonesia Boost Hotel Development

    As the number of foreign tourists rise rapidly and there is increasing demand for conferences, exhibitions and business meetings, Indonesia will see a massive inflow of investments for the construction of hotels and condominium hotels (condominium hotels combine features of apartments and hotels). In 2015, the value of new (condo) hotels projects is estimated at IDR 38.5 trillion (USD $3.2 billion), up 57.3 percent from last year. Locations that attract tourists and locations close to education centers are the primary choice.

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