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  • WUP, WPR and WPN Mining Areas in Indonesia

    WUP, WPR and WPN Mining Areas in Indonesia

    Mining Effort Area (Wilayah Usaha Pertambangan or 'WUP'), Community Mining Area (Wilayah Pertambangan Rakyat or 'WPR') and Country Reserves Area (Wilayah Pencadangan Negara or 'WPN') are determined based on the Mining Area (Wilayah Pertambangan). The WUP and WPN is determined by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (Minister). The WPR is determined by the regent/major. The determination shall be based on mapping of the geological and rock formation carrier data and/or mapping of the geophysical and geochemical data and estimates of the resource reserves.

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  • Mining Indonesia | Introduction and Overview

    Mining Indonesia | Introduction and Overview

    Mining in Indonesia includes a part or all stages of coal and mineral exploration and exploitation. Minerals are defined by law number 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining (“Mining Law”) as inorganic compounds which possess specific characteristics and compositions in the form of ores. Coal is defined as sediment of organic carbon which is naturally formed from plants. Mining in Indonesia does not include any activities related to exploration and exploitation of geothermal, oil and gas and ground water.

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