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  • Tourism Sector Indonesia: Rising Foreign Exchange Earnings

    The tourism sector of Indonesia has great potential for rapid growth in the years ahead as the government has been eager to boost growth in this sector by allowing more countries to use the visa-free visit facility and by spending more on infrastructure development to enhance inter- and intra-connectivity (including the development of new airports and harbors). Moreover, Indonesia's tourism sector has plenty of opportunity to expand rapidly because this sector comes from a very low base (for example, compared to regional peers, Indonesia attracts relatively few foreign tourists).

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  • Foreigners Abuse Indonesia's Visa-Free Policy, Gov't to Evaluate

    Indonesia will evaluate its visa-free policy as there are reports that some foreigners abuse this facility by conducting illegal activities in Indonesia, for example by taking up employment without having a work permit, engaging in drug trafficking, or spreading radical ideologies in the Archipelago. Through Presidential Regulation no. 21/2016 on Exemptions of Visit Visa, the government of Indonesia allowed citizens from a total of 169 countries to enter and stay within Indonesia (for a maximum period of 30 days).

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  • Indonesia Missed its 2015 Foreign Tourist Arrivals Target, or Not?

    Based on the latest data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Indonesia only managed to welcome 9.73 million foreign tourists in 2015, hence failing to achieve the government target at 10 million foreign tourist arrivals. However, BPS also mentioned that it has developed a new counting system. According to this new system the number of people that are counted as foreign tourists in 2015 is 10.41 million, thus considerably exceeding the target set for 2015. What are the differences between these two systems?

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  • Tourism in Indonesia: Australia Gets the Visa-Free Visit Facility

    Indonesia's state news agency Antara reported on Friday (29/01) that the government of Indonesia will sign a regulation next week that allows visa-free visits for 80 additional countries, including Australia. Currently, a total of 90 countries already enjoy this visa-free facility (for trips that last a maximum of 30 days). Antara quoted the words of the country's Deputy Tourism Minister for Overseas Promotion I Gde Pitana. In 2015 the government provided this facility to an additional 45 countries in an effort to boost the tourism industry and generate more foreign exchange earnings.

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  • Sluggish Growth Foreign Tourist Arrivals in Indonesia

    Although the Indonesian government scrapped visit visa requirements for another 45 countries in mid-2015 (for a maximum stay period in Indonesia of 30 days) - with the aim of attracting more tourists - there has not been a marked increase in foreign tourist arrivals in 2015. Therefore it is unlikely that Indonesia will achieve its target of welcoming 10 million foreign tourists in 2015. In the first ten months of the year a total of 8.0 million foreign tourist arrivals were reported.

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  • Visa Free Entry into Indonesia Increased to 169 Countries

    On March 10, 2016, the Indonesian President issued President Regulation number 21 of 2016 regarding Visits Without Visa (New Regulation). The New Regulation increases the amount of countries for which residents are allowed to enter Indonesia without a visa to 169 countries. Moreover, where previously the visa exemption only applied to leisure trips for the majority of the countries, under the New Regulation the reasons of visit also include other reasons for visit, including business meetings.

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