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  • Court Case Goldman Sachs & Benny Tjokrosaputro over Hanson Shares

    Today (07/02) a court hearing takes place in Jakarta in which Goldman Sachs International, the London-based unit of Gold Sachs, opposes Indonesian business tycoon Benny Tjokrosaputro, president director of Indonesian property developer Hanson International. Both sides are suing each other and seek damages. The outcome of this case is considered important for the foreign investor community as it involves "legal certainty regarding legitimately executed share trading through the Indonesia Stock Exchange".

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  • HM Sampoerna, Aneka Tambang & Hanson Enter Indonesia's LQ45 Index

    Three new stocks will enter Indonesia's LQ45 index for the February-July 2016 period. The LQ45 index, compiled by the research and development division of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), consists of 45 stocks that meet a number of specific criteria. As the stocks listed in the LQ45 are the country's most traded stocks, investors should follow this index. The composition of the LQ45 index is adjusted twice per year (in February and August).

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