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Latest Reports Currency War

  • China’s Yuan Devaluation: Indonesian Stocks & Rupiah Rebound

    For the third straight day China allowed its currency to weaken against the US dollar. On Thursday (13/08) the yuan depreciated 0.7 percent against the greenback, signalling that China’s central bank may let the yuan weaken further in a controlled manner. Yesterday, just before trading closed, it actually intervened to support the currency as the yuan depreciated nearly two percent (the daily limit). The move of China to devalue the yuan is a step toward liberalization and also boosts the country’s sluggish export performance.

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  • Bank Indonesia Sees Currency War Unfolding over the Next 3 Years

    Indonesia's central bank (Bank Indonesia) is well aware of the continuation of the "currency war" as a side-effect of further monetary tightening in the USA. Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo said on Monday (08/06), quoted by state news agency Antara, that he sees a currency war continuing over the next three years provided that the Federal Reserve starts to tighten its monetary approach gradually. Markets expect the Fed to raise US interest rates in September 2015.

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Latest Columns Currency War

  • Indonesia's Stock Index Falls due to Chinese and American Economic Data

    The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) did not make a good start on the first trading day of the new week. Similar to last week's Monday, it were falling American stock indices on Friday that impacted on Monday's IHSG performance: US Retail Sales, Michigan Consumer Sentiment, and commodity prices were topics that were not well-received by market players. Moreover, weak economic data from China made many foreign investor decide to sell their Indonesian assets.

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  • Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa Says Government Won't Join a Currency War

    Recent concerns about a global currency war, which is considered to threaten worldwide economic and financial stability, has prompted Indonesia's Economic minister Hatta Rajasa to ensure that Indonesia will not participate in such a tactic. The Central Bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) has in fact been selling US dollars to support the IDR rupiah, which has been under growing pressure lately due to Indonesia's current account deficit and the risk of capital outflows.

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