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  • Indonesia to Allow Foreign Direct Investment in Cinema Industry?

    A non-ministerial agency in Indonesia advises the government to open the cinema industry to foreign investment in an effort to boost the local movie industry while encouraging the arrival of more foreign direct investment (FDI) into Indonesia, hence boosting sluggish economic growth in Southeast Asia's largest economy. Currently, FDI in the domestic movie industry is not allowed by a Presidential Regulation issued in 2014. According to this regulation, companies that produce, distribute, or promote movies as well as movie theaters or cinemas have to be fully Indonesian-owned.

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  • Indonesia's Partnerships with Denmark & the United Kingdom

    Indonesia's Agriculture Minister signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Denmark for investment into Indonesia's corn and sugar plantations as well as the cattle industry. Based on the words of Indonesian Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman it involves total Danish investment of at least IDR 2 trillion (approx. USD $152 million) for a period of five years. The deal involves the transfer of Danish agricultural technology, while Indonesia's part of the deal is to provide two million hectares of land. Meanwhile, Indonesia also plans to reaffirm its partnership with the UK in the creative economy industry.

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