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  • Indonesian Coal Miner Bumi Resources Prepares Rights Issue

    Indonesian coal miner Bumi Resources plans to conduct a rights issue in June 2017 through which it aims to raise IDR 26.9 trillion (approx. USD $2.0 billion). Bumi Resources will sell 29.1 billion shares, equivalent to 79.5 percent of the company's enlarged capital. Proceeds from this corporate move go to the debt restructuring program. Bumi Resources wants to pay off its debt to the China Investment Corporation (CIC) as well as eight other creditors. Bumi Resources has some USD $4.2 billion worth of commercial debts (excluding intercompany loans).

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  • News from Indonesia’s Coal Mining Industry: Production & Export

    Bob Kamandanu, Chairman of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI), advises the government of Indonesia to cut the country’s coal production by about 50 million tons and cap coal exports at 300 million tons in 2015 in an effort to boost global coal prices which are currently touching an eight-year low amid the sluggish global economy (particularly weakening coal demand from China) in combination with a coal oversupply. Indonesia is the world’s leading exporter of thermal coal which is primarily used in electricity generation.

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  • Bumi Resources Debt Settlement: CIC Takes 19% Stake in Kaltim Prima Coal

    China Investment Corporation (CIC), a sovereign wealth fund, now officially holds a 19 percent stake (worth USD $950 million) in Kaltim Prima Coal, subsidiary of Indonesia's largest coal miner (yet debt-ridden) Bumi Resources. This share transfer is part of Bumi Resources’ debt settlement program with CIC. After the share transfer, Bumi Resources still owes CIC about USD $1.03 billion. Another chunk of this debt will be settled through transferring 42 percent of the shares of another subsidiary, Bumi Resources Minerals, (worth USD $257 million) to CIC.

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  • Bakrie Group's Bumi Resources: Shares Plunge on Bond Default Concern

    Shares of Bumi Resources, Indonesia’s largest coal miner by production volume, had plunged more than 13 percent by 16:00pm local Jakarta time on increased concern that a default is looming after the company failed to gain approval from bondholders to change the terms of its USD $375 million bonds due on 5 August. The Bakrie Group-controlled miner intended to extend the maturity of its bonds while lowering the coupon and conversion price. However, this plan was not approved in a bondholders’ meeting held in Singapore on 20 June 2014.

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  • Company Profile of Debt-Ridden Bumi Resources: Indonesian Coal Miner

    Indonesia Investments updated the company profile of Bumi Resources, a leading Indonesian natural resources group focused primarily on coal mining. The company is Indonesia's largest coal miner by production volume and the world's largest thermal coal exporter. However, due to weak global demand and weak corporate management, the company is at risk of default in the near future due to maturity of its debts. Moody’s has downgraded Bumi’s corporate rating from Caa1 to Ca.

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  • Shareholders Reject Rothschild Proposal, Split with Bakrie Group Can Go ahead

    The Bakrie Group is most likely to continue its separation from Bumi Plc, the London-listed coal miner, after an extraordinary shareholders' meeting yesterday rejected the proposal of British financier Nathaniel Rothschild to replace 12 of the 14 board members. This outcome means that the Bakrie Group can go ahead with its intention to separate from Bumi Plc as agreed by the board last week and will keep its assets in Bumi Resources, Indonesia's largest coal miner.

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Latest Columns Bumi Resources

  • Indonesian Coal Miner Bumi Resources Sees Better Times Ahead

    After years of concern amid scandals, debt woes and low coal prices, there seems light at the end of the tunnel for Indonesia's largest coal producer Bumi Resources, a listed miner controlled by the Bakrie Group. Although its audited earnings (covering full-year 2016) will be released next month, a source within Bumi Resources said the company will post its first profit since 2011. The miner's net income is expected to reach USD $101.6 million, improving significantly from a net loss of USD $2 billion in the preceding year.

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  • Heavy Volatility after Lifting of Bumi Resources' Trading Suspension

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) suspended trading of the shares of coal miner Bumi Resources between 1 July and 4 October 2016 because the company had not reported its financial report (covering the corporate earnings of 2015) in time. On Tuesday (04/10) Bumi Resources, part of the controversial Bakrie Group conglomerate, finally announced that it recorded a net loss of USD $1.9 billion over 2015. This poor performance was mainly attributed to the impairment of assets and write-offs for its receivables.

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  • Coal Mining Industry Indonesia: Troubled Licenses & Falling Prices

    The government of Indonesia is eager to use current low coal prices as the context to push for consolidation in the country’s coal mining sector. Sudirman Said, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, announced that the government may revoke over 4,000 troubled mining licenses this month and install a better licensing system. Licenses that may be revoked are Mining Business Permits (IUPs), not the long-standing Coal Contracts of Work (PKP2B) that are held by companies such as Bumi Resources and Berau Coal Energy.

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  • Indonesian Miner Bumi Resources almost Defaulted on $300 Million Bond

    Bumi Resources, a leading Indonesian coal mining company, came close to default on its USD $300 million November 2016 bond before paying an overdue coupon earlier this week. The company, which is in the hands of the controversial Bakrie family, is obliged to make two coupon payments per year but postponed payment due on 12 May 2014 in order to negotiate with its creditors and lenders. According to a statement of Bumi Resources Director Dileep Srivastava, the payment was done on 11 June 2014.

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  • Agreement Reached in Separation of Bakrie Group and Bumi Plc

    Yesterday it was announced that the Bakrie Group, one of Indonesia's most controversial and richest conglomerates, has signed a heads of terms agreement that sets out conditions for the Bakrie's withdrawal from London-listed coal miner Bumi Plc. Bumi Plc, having the largest coal deposits in Indonesia at its disposal, was established in 2010 by British financier Nathaniel Rothschild and the Bakrie Group to bring coal assets to European investors.

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