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  • Production & Export Down, Coal Consumption in Indonesia Up

    Domestic consumption of coal in Indonesia rose 14.8 percent (y/y) to 87.43 million tons in 2015 according to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This figure is considerably higher than the government's target of 70 million tons. Adhi Wibowo, Director for Coal at the Energy Ministry, said this increase is caused by higher electricity demand in domestic industries in the second half of 2015. Meanwhile, Indonesia's coal production reached 392 million tons in full-year 2015, below the government target at 425 million tons.

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  • Coal Mining Indonesia: Focus on Other Markets than China

    Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources expects coal shipments to India to rise in 2016, while coal exports to China are expected to decline further as the world's second-largest economy is experiencing a persistent slowdown (and China curbed imports of coal with a lower calorie grade). Adhi Wibowo, Director for Coal at the Energy Ministry, said - contrary to China - coal demand from India has not fallen. Moreover, India is highly dependent on Indonesia for its thermal coal.

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  • Coal Mining Update Indonesia: Price, Production & Export Still Down

    Indonesia will fail to achieve its coal production target of 425 million tons in 2015 as the country's coal miners have cut production by an estimated 20 percent. Domestic coal mining firms have cut coal output due to persistent low coal prices resulting in a negative free cash flow for many miners. Global coal prices have declined due to a supply glut and weaker global demand amid sluggish economic growth.

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