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  • After Jasa Marga's Success, PLN Plans to Issue Global Rupiah Bonds

    Indonesia's state-owned utility company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) plans to issue rupiah-denominated global bonds (known as 'komodo bonds', 'nasi goreng' bonds or 'rendang' bonds) in the second quarter of 2018. PLN targets to raise up to USD $2 billion through the bond issuance. Proceeds will be used for financing its part in Indonesia's 35,000 MW power development program as well as for debt payments.

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  • Indonesia Gives Most Attractive Returns on USD Corporate Bonds

    Based on information from Bloomberg, Indonesia is now the most attractive country in Asia in terms of returns on US dollar-denominated corporate bonds as an improving domestic economy - and especially an upturn in the country's coal sector - is driving gains in Indonesia's US dollar-denominated corporate bonds.

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  • Some Like it Hot, Indonesian Companies Studying Nasi Goreng Bonds

    While competition has become increasingly fierce on the domestic bond market, two of Indonesia's state-controlled companies - but listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange - are studying plans to sell rupiah-denominated corporate bonds on the global market (so-called nasi goreng bonds, a reference to the famous Indonesian fried rice dish). The two companies that are studying these plans are toll road developer and operator Jasa Marga and construction company Wijaya Karya.

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Latest Columns Nasi Goreng Bond

  • International Bond Market: What Are Indonesia's Komodo Bonds?

    Earlier this week Indonesian state-controlled construction company Wijaya Karya listed its 'komodo bonds' on the London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom, an event that was witnessed by Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. But Wijaya Karya was not the first company to issue komodo bonds. On 13 December 2017 toll road company Jasa Marga sold IDR 4 trillion (approx. USD $298 million) in three-year bonds (priced at 7.5 percent).

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  • Bonds Indonesia: Wijaya Karya & Jasa Marga Eye Nasi Goreng Bonds

    Two state-controlled companies are planning to issue global rupiah-denominated bonds (often called nasi goreng bonds). Construction company Wijaya Karya, which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, plans to issue up to USD $500 million of nasi goreng bonds in the second half of 2017. Besides the nasi goreng bonds, the company also plans to sell up to IDR 5 trillion of rupiah-denominated bonds on the domestic market.

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