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  • Hospital Industry Indonesia Attractive, Plenty of Growth Potential

    The hospital sector of Indonesia is promising. Therefore, several investors are eager to expand into the nation's hospital business. For example, the Mayapada Group will add five hospitals to its portfolio over the next 12 months. Another example is Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat that also plans to acquire a number of hospitals with a focus on the new market that is created under the central government's universal healthcare program.

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  • IPO News: Medikaloka Hermina's Trading Debut on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Hospital operator and medical management services company Medikaloka Hermina made its trading debut on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on Wednesday (16/05) after having successfully completed its initial public offering (IPO). So far in 2018 a total of 14 companies have become publicly listed companies in Indonesia. Especially the month May has been rich in terms of IPOs. Meanwhile, up to 24 other companies are expected to be listed on the local bourse before the end of the first semester.

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