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  • Omnibus Law on Finance; Bank Indonesia Busy Designing the Digital Rupiah

    At the latest annual meeting of Indonesia’s central bank (Bank Indonesia), this lender of last resort presented a white paper on the digital rupiah (central bank digital currency, or CBDC). Just like what is happening abroad (and likely also in response to the rise of cryptocurrencies), Bank Indonesia is eager to launch a digital rupiah, possibly ultimately aiming to gradually phase out the use of physical money (notes and coins).

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  • Bank Indonesia Studies the Use of Central Bank Digital Currency

    The central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia) said it needs about two years to complete a study about the possibility of issuing a digital rupiah currency (Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC). Agus Martowardoyo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, said the lender of last resort has just started to study the possibility of using a digital rupiah for domestic payments.

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