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  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Plans 1:5 Stock Split to Boost Liquidity

    One of Indonesia's leading banks, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, is planning to conduct a 1:5 stock split in order to make its stocks more affordable and increase their liquidity. At the general shareholders meeting, to be held on 18 October 2017, the plan is expected to be approved by the company's shareholders.

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  • Shareholders Bank Mandiri Approve 1:2 Stock Split

    At the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) shareholders of Bank Mandiri on Monday (21/08) the proposed 1:2 stock split was approved. The stock split will come into effect per September 2017. Bank Mandiri, state-controlled yet listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, is one of the largest banks in Indonesia as well as one of the top ten largest companies in terms of market capitalization on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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  • Portfolio Watch Indonesia: Stocks Mayora Indah Up after Stock Split

    After Indonesian food manufacturer Mayora Indah conducted its 25-for-1 stock split on 4 August 2016 its share price was adjusted to IDR 1,640 a piece. Since that day the company's shares have surged more than 27 percent. Mayora Indah decided to conduct a stock split as its share price had touched IDR 39,000 a piece, are therefore was perceived very expensive by retail investors.

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  • Update Minimum Free Float Requirement Indonesia Stock Exchange

    The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will give time until 31 January 2016 for the remaining 18 publicly-listed companies that have not yet complied with the new minimum free float requirement that aims to increase liquidity in the stock market. In January 2014, the IDX announced it designed a new rule that forces all listed companies on the IDX to have a minimum free float of 7.5 percent. Samsul Hidayat, Director of Corporate Listing at the IDX, said these 18 companies are currently studying whether to conduct a rights issue or a stock split in order to raise their free float.

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  • Pharmaceutical Company Merck Indonesia Plans Stock Split in 2015

    Indonesian pharmaceutical company Merck, controlled by German consumer healthcare Merck Holding GmbH, plans to conduct a stock split in 2015 in a move to boost liquidity as well as increase trading of the company’s shares. Merck is currently discussing the stock split plan with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Bambang Nurcahyo, Finance Director at Merck, said that the ideal ratio for the split is 1:20. An extraordinary general meeting (to discuss the plan) will be held in mid-2015.

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  • HM Sampoerna Studying Higher Free Float on Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Indonesian tobacco giant Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna (HM Sampoerna), subsidiary of Philip Morris International, is studying the requirement to increase its free float ratio from (a mere) 1.82 percent to 7.50 percent. Last year, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) announced that it would force listed companies to offer at least 7.50 percent of their enlarged equity to the public. This rule will come into effect in January 2016. HM Sampoerna is the third-largest Indonesian company in terms of market capitalization (IDR 295 trillion).

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  • Indonesia's Top Telecommunication Company Telkom Conducts Stock Split

    Indonesia's largest telecommunication & network provider Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) has conducted a stock split with a ratio of 1:5 yesterday (29/08). The company, which is majority owned by the Indonesian government and has a dominating market share of around 47% in terms of mobile phone subscribers in Indonesia, decided to conduct the stock split to increase the company’s share liquidity. A cheaper price will be more appealing to investors. The stock split was agreed upon at the general shareholders' meeting on 19 April 2013.

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  • Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Plans to Conduct Stock Split This Year

    Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), Indonesia's largest telecommunication & network provider, plans to conduct a stock split this year with a ratio of 1:5. This step will make Telkom's shares more affordable and increases its liquidity. Analysts have good projections for the company as it holds a dominant market position in Indonesia's telecommunication sector, a high dividend ratio, and good corporate management. Its share price gained 25.7 percent this year.

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  • No Stock Split for Nippon Indosari; Bonds Issuance Depends on EGM

    Nippon Indosari Corpindo, Indonesia’s largest producer of bread products, will not pursue a stock split to improve its stocks' liquidity on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG). According to analysts, the company's stocks are fairly active and thus will not need such a measure. Nippon Indosari's stocks have fallen by around 11 percent this year. This performance is in stark contrast with 2012 when it gained 112.3 percent during the year.

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Latest Columns Stock Split

  • Listed Companies Indonesia: Bank Mandiri to Conduct Stock Split

    Bank Mandiri, one of Indonesia's leading financial institutions, plans to conduct a stock split in order to enhance investor interest by making its stocks more affordable and liquid for retail investors. However, the state-controlled lender is still studying whether to opt for a 2-for-1 stock split or a 3-for-1 split. Bank Mandiri is one of Indonesia's blue chip stocks that ranks among the biggest 10 companies in terms of market capitalization on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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  • Indonesian Food Manufacturing Companies in Focus: Mayora Indah

    To increase liquidity and boost the value (the psychological effect), Indonesia-based Mayora Indah will conduct a 25-for-1 stock split. In combination with expected long-term net profit growth due to its fundamental strengths, the future looks bright for the food manufacturer. The company's shares touched IDR 39,000 a piece this week and are therefore perceived as expensive. After the stock split more retail investors are expected to collect Mayora Indah's shares despite the true value remaining unchanged.

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  • Shareholders Approve HM Sampoerna's Stock Split & Dividend Payout

    Shareholders of the largest cigarette manufacturer of Indonesia, Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna (HM Sampoerna), approved the company's plan to execute a 25-for-1 stock split. The move, aimed at making shares more affordable for retail investors thus boosting liquidity, will raise the company's total outstanding shares to 116.3 billion pieces. Since 2005 HM Sampoerna has been owned by international tobacco giant Philip Morris. The US-based company controls a 92.5 percent stake in HM Sampoerna.

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